1 June 2016

Well I haven being blogging for a while because I broke up.

Perhaps it is just some time off or perhaps it’s a forever decision, I dont know.
I haven’t been thinking.

Thinking have been just a bundle of confusion, of missing him a lot and pain.

This break is good for both him and for me, for both our work, school, stress and our frustration towards each other.
I guess as he have said, nothing last forever, that even marriage would someday would crease to exist upon death. That whatever happen now isn’t forever.

I just have been pouring through quotes, books and purchasing air tickets. I have been trying to accept things.

Accepting that how we are now is what we are now. That it takes two for things to work, fate plus a lot of other things.

That I will just work hard towards the future that I see, in skating, in passion and things will eventually fall into places as they always do.

and till then I will believe in fate, hoping that I will be alright. That He will be alright too.