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Agassi Beauty 아가씨 – A Korean head to toe Beauty Shop

We all know the hassle of having all our appointments at different locations, spending umpteen amount of time for each one of them… 4 hours for the hair, 2 hours for the nails,… Continue reading

Miss Singapore World 2015 – 2 Days before

Two days before the pageant. I am still sick, down with sore throat and unprepared. The questions for the final have been given out. What we were suppose to do have be instructed.… Continue reading

Miss Singapore World 2015 – 4 Days before

Today is the 17th Oct. 4 more days before the final. It has been a crazy hectic month. I am now typing with barely opened eyes, and still sick with sore throat and… Continue reading

The Leading Korea Salon

With my last salon at Katong I had a whole year of colourful adventures. I had so many colours in my hair that I could not even decide what colour am I to… Continue reading

My route to Recovery!

Today I will be writing about quite a deep topic, a topic regarding health, immune system and cancer, about TH17. It is quite hard to explain about this briefly, so this is gonna… Continue reading

The Tastiest Facial!

After months of not heading for a Facial, I finally had a Day less Hectic enough to squeeze for one I was yearning for a pampering facial. Michelle once again took me in… Continue reading

My route to getting better

Work have been great! Busy but truly enjoying myself. It has been so long since I have put my artistic side to any use. XD Yes I have still been drawing occasionally, but… Continue reading

20% off your Hair Services?

♡ FREE 1-YEAR Membership ♡ ♡ 10% -20% off* hair services! ♡ ♡ % off during Birthday Month too!!!! ♡ What else can we all ask for?!! Yes of course I had to… Continue reading

How I keep my white smile!

I have been trying to be very diligent in my work and on taking care of myself! I have went to visit the Dental today! Have always been proud of my beautiful teeth… Continue reading

BeautyLand Salon

There have been a bookshelves full of outdated posts. With all the craze of Chinese New Year going around, time have been stretched to its limit. No time even for dating!   Of… Continue reading