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Miss Singapore World 2015 – 4 Days before

Today is the 17th Oct. 4 more days before the final. It has been a crazy hectic month. I am now typing with barely opened eyes, and still sick with sore throat and… Continue reading

My route to Recovery!

Today I will be writing about quite a deep topic, a topic regarding health, immune system and cancer, about TH17. It is quite hard to explain about this briefly, so this is gonna… Continue reading

My route to getting better

Work have been great! Busy but truly enjoying myself. It has been so long since I have put my artistic side to any use. XD Yes I have still been drawing occasionally, but… Continue reading

How I keep my white smile!

I have been trying to be very diligent in my work and on taking care of myself! I have went to visit the Dental today! Have always been proud of my beautiful teeth… Continue reading


It is March again. Almost 1/4 of the year is already up! Is this going to continue going faster and faster as we grow old? Than by 80 each year would probably feel… Continue reading

13 Dec 2014

The sudden spike in readers! Haha. For all of your kind words and concern for me, I could be more touched that I matter to so many. You all must be curious for… Continue reading

The Surgery

And so, I am on 30days of medical leave. At 11am on the 9th of December, entering the surgical ward, I was feeling partially worried but at the same time excited. It was… Continue reading

Pre surgery

Tomorrow I will be undergoing my surgery. I am now feeling really fatigue, just finish cleaning myself throughly, I am but still trying to finish all the things I could have finish before… Continue reading

Dysport and Fillers

Dysport and Fillers Yes I have done it. With this current product I am using, Dysport, most people dont quite understand the difference between it and Botox too. So today’s post on Dysport,… Continue reading

Corrective Eye Surgery 3- after the surgery

The actual discomfort¬†was only beginning to start… “You can now get up~“, said Dr Yu as he changed out of his operating robe. I tumble my way walking out of the surgery room,… Continue reading