One more Week

Now just one more week before my move to Seoul.

Exactly 7 days more

I am kind of a mess of emotions.
I am worried, anxious, scared, afraid and even stressed out.

When my cousin moved to Australia, she was telling us about the surreal feeling she had. The feeling of leaving the home ground of where you were born, of going to call another nation your home. I mean, then I thought yea I understood her. Of course she must have been feeling alot, as relocating isnt exactly a small thing, well.. but now i really get what she meant. Lol. A lot is an understatement.

I am not even moving for long. Just for 6 months. I will be back for Chinese New Year too. It isnt even my 1st time in Seoul. The 7th or the 8th time? It is somewhere I can say I am quite familiar with, but somehow when it is actually living there, moving there alone, starting school… stepping into another stage of my life.

Maybe it isnt the move. Maybe it is because I know that a huge part of my life is gonna change from next week onward. Maybe, maybe after this move I would be able to find some of my answers.