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Homecoming was amazing, returning into your embrace. I felt so full, warm, so cozy happy in that cuddle but yet, that’s as long as it last.  We are just friends. Or ex to… Continue reading

One more Week

Now just one more week before my move to Seoul. Exactly 7 days more I am kind of a mess of emotions. I am worried, anxious, scared, afraid and even stressed out. When… Continue reading

How I pick up Korean and Why!?

Hello all! I have been getting a lot of question on why I picked up Korean and how did I do it?! Honestly, how I got started was actually really really random. I… Continue reading

FAIL—— Dance Skate Practice video

Haha as promised! Our Bangbang Pre- recording Dance video! Super Fail at my dance moves. Lol but then again, I have never did choreographed dance before. So I must say, Jong Seok have… Continue reading

Agassi Beauty 아가씨 – A Korean head to toe Beauty Shop

We all know the hassle of having all our appointments at different locations, spending umpteen amount of time for each one of them… 4 hours for the hair, 2 hours for the nails,… Continue reading

November 7, 2015

Wind howling, clouds gathering, with the crackles of thunder in the background, it is a rather relaxing Saturday morning, with coffee and danish bread for breakfast at the Starbucks. The only downside is,… Continue reading

Miss World Singapore 2015

So the much await post, Miss World Singapore (MWS) 2015 Final! When questioned about my Pageant experiences, most people would ask “How? Is it scary? It is political? Are the girls nice? Do… Continue reading

Days after the Pageant

The Final came and went by. As most of you would have known by now. I did not manage to win the crown. Came in 1st runner up. The days after the pageant,… Continue reading

In the midst of Final

And so as we are sitting around in our gowns waiting for the result, the past few hours have been crazy. Rushing for hair and make up, and most importantly preparing for the… Continue reading

Miss Singapore World 2015 – 2 Days before

Two days before the pageant. I am still sick, down with sore throat and unprepared. The questions for the final have been given out. What we were suppose to do have be instructed.… Continue reading