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My move to Seoul – Cost to move to Korea.

Hello all! As usual Busy is my last name. It is hard to believe that it has been 4 months since my move here! Winter has arrived as well as the 1st snow.… Continue reading

I have moved to Seoul!

Been a long while people but life has usually been nothing but packed for me. I did intended to blog a lot while I am here but really I did not expect school… Continue reading

One more Week

Now just one more week before my move to Seoul. Exactly 7 days more I am kind of a mess of emotions. I am worried, anxious, scared, afraid and even stressed out. When… Continue reading

How I pick up Korean and Why!?

Hello all! I have been getting a lot of question on why I picked up Korean and how did I do it?! Honestly, how I got started was actually really really random. I… Continue reading

Making the full use of your flight spending

What is December without some snow and the feel of winter? Tomorrow I will be off for my Winter trip to Mongolia! ALONE! for 7 days of freezing -30! and yes I am… Continue reading

The Leading Korea Salon

With my last salon at Katong I had a whole year of colourful adventures. I had so many colours in my hair that I could not even decide what colour am I to… Continue reading

KOREA’s Latest Bags

KOREA’s Latest Fashion! From my frequent visit to Korea, I have brought to you some of their latest collection and trends! Do email me at if there is any products you would… Continue reading

Guest list for Clubs in Korea?

Hehe, Parties? One of the things I do best is to Play Hard the most affordable way. Think Exclusive Parties, with the Best Champagnes, Top DJs and A-list Models, but going in through… Continue reading

Accommodations in Korea

Accommodations in Korea, that one of the questions  which I get asked most about. Where is good to stay in Korea? Where did you stay at, and how did you manage to stay… Continue reading

Peak of UlSanBaWi Rock

So my Snow searching adventure started with me at the peak of the UlSanBaWi Rock 울산바위. I have been dying to see the snow. For someone born in December, I have been seeing snow decorating… Continue reading