How I pick up Korean and Why!?

Hello all! I have been getting a lot of question on why I picked up Korean and how did I do it?!

Honestly, how I got started was actually really really random.

I was in Busan staying over my Korean girl friend house for the night and and happen to ask her if is Korean alphabetical too like English?
So in answering my question she wrote down the letters on a piece of paper, sang the alphabetical song for me, and surprisingly I remembered! It just stuck in my head and I remembered.
So testing my new found knowledge, she wrote down 1-10 in Korean and I tried reading. After that was history, I just began reading every signboard during my 5 days stay in Korea and I ended up learning Korean after.

So there isnt exactly a reason of why I pick up Korean but here’s the 3 main reasons why.

  • I get a lot of people thinking that I am Korean.
  • I happened to pick up the alphabets of Korean so got curious.
  • I got lots of Korean friends!

For those of you instead in learning Hangul (Korean alphabets), click here.

Haha though part of my fun of why I pick up Korean was actually as my own personal game? to puzzle whoever who asked me if I am Korean if I am actually a Singaporean or not. XD

I managed to converse in Korean when I was back in Korea again, 3 months after my friend taught me Hangul, and traveled alone in Korea, out of Seoul and even trekked up a mountain asking for directions in Korean.

On how I further learn my Korean and how I improved it so quickly, watch my youtube video below!

For those of you who are keen in learning Korean language, or have any questions, or wanna know more on how I learn it, drop me a comment on my channel! 🙂