Homecoming was amazing, returning into your embrace. I felt so full, warm, so cozy happy in that cuddle but yet, that’s as long as it last.  We are just friends. Or ex to… Continue reading

My move to Seoul – Cost to move to Korea.

Hello all! As usual Busy is my last name. It is hard to believe that it has been 4 months since my move here! Winter has arrived as well as the 1st snow.… Continue reading

I have moved to Seoul!

Been a long while people but life has usually been nothing but packed for me. I did intended to blog a lot while I am here but really I did not expect school… Continue reading

One more Week

Now just one more week before my move to Seoul. Exactly 7 days more I am kind of a mess of emotions. I am worried, anxious, scared, afraid and even stressed out. When… Continue reading

How I pick up Korean and Why!?

Hello all! I have been getting a lot of question on why I picked up Korean and how did I do it?! Honestly, how I got started was actually really really random. I… Continue reading

FAIL—— Dance Skate Practice video

Haha as promised! Our Bangbang Pre- recording Dance video! Super Fail at my dance moves. Lol but then again, I have never did choreographed dance before. So I must say, Jong Seok have… Continue reading

Dance Skate Video collaboration with YJS

The entire week in Dongguan was hectic. Other than booze and late nights, every morning was choreographing and dance practices. Well I never thought I can do any hiphop. But at the end… Continue reading

1 June 2016

Well I haven being blogging for a while because I broke up. Perhaps it is just some time off or perhaps it’s a forever decision, I dont know. I haven’t been thinking. Thinking… Continue reading

Fuzhou’s Photos!

Photos from the Exhibition!! For live update, follow me on my instagram @skat3rgalz! Or Live Vblog on my youtube! Ziyi Kuek!

Dongguan 25 Apr 2016

Dongguan, an industrial city in China‚Äôs Pearl River Delta, is a major manufacturing hub. Before arriving I was warned of this dangerous trade-zone filled with crimes and lust, from my parents and even… Continue reading