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Sitex 2015

The past week have been so crazy with Sitex! 10am – 9pm. 11 hours a day on our white boots was excruciating. But that is of course the mundane part and parcel of… Continue reading

Miss World Singapore 2015

So the much await post, Miss World Singapore (MWS) 2015 Final! When questioned about my Pageant experiences, most people would ask “How? Is it scary? It is political? Are the girls nice? Do… Continue reading

Days after the Pageant

The Final came and went by. As most of you would have known by now. I did not manage to win the crown. Came in 1st runner up. The days after the pageant,… Continue reading

In the midst of Final

And so as we are sitting around in our gowns waiting for the result, the past few hours have been crazy. Rushing for hair and make up, and most importantly preparing for the… Continue reading

Miss Singapore World 2015 – 1 Day before Final

So the last night available for preparation has came. Though the last weeks have been a struggle of gym-ming and dieting… Yes I am still.. barely prepared and far from my fitness, ideal… Continue reading

Miss Singapore World 2015 – 2 Days before

Two days before the pageant. I am still sick, down with sore throat and unprepared. The questions for the final have been given out. What we were suppose to do have be instructed.… Continue reading

Miss Singapore World 2015 – 4 Days before

Today is the 17th Oct. 4 more days before the final. It has been a crazy hectic month. I am now typing with barely opened eyes, and still sick with sore throat and… Continue reading

The Bridal Fashion Show

Last weekend have been fabulous!! It was the first week for me starting work again, and so far, it has been off to a great start! 🙂 The following weeks have been booked… Continue reading

Black and White

By Elliot Ichiro Black and White; Nakedly Simple, but yet Dramatically Colorful. Ready for more Photos? 😀 Photos are model’s piece of Artwork, which the body is the medium. Many people have questioned… Continue reading

Underwater shoot with Anson Chew

So who have been waiting for the photos from the photoshoot?! 😀 For all your kind patience for anticipation of the photo, here we go! The best few photos from our Underwater shoot. One… Continue reading