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One more Week

Now just one more week before my move to Seoul. Exactly 7 days more I am kind of a mess of emotions. I am worried, anxious, scared, afraid and even stressed out. When… Continue reading

1 June 2016

Well I haven being blogging for a while because I broke up. Perhaps it is just some time off or perhaps it’s a forever decision, I dont know. I haven’t been thinking. Thinking… Continue reading

10 May 2016 Rants

Current emotion: Depress. Current thoughts: 그양 그 남자 우리 서로 사랑했는데 우리 이제 헤어지네요 같은 하늘 다른 곳에 있어도 부디 나를 잊지 말아요˜

December Holiday

So Now, December is approaching! My Favorite time of the year! and guess what? I have booked my flight to Mongolia!!! I totally cant wait! and with my transfer in Seoul, I have… Continue reading

November 7, 2015

Wind howling, clouds gathering, with the crackles of thunder in the background, it is a rather relaxing Saturday morning, with coffee and danish bread for breakfast at the Starbucks. The only downside is,… Continue reading

August 26, 2015

Been thinking of lots of business idea plans, but really dont even know where to start, should I even start and what am I really to do, which to start 1st. I guess… Continue reading

Monday’s Blue

Today isnt exactly my best of days. A totally free Monday but not in the best of mood. Had yet another argument in my relationship. The worst part of every argument in relationships… Continue reading

Officially thoroughly Infected; A Workaholic

Busy is my last name. I am officially thoroughly infected. A Workaholic. I don’t know since this happened. This feeling of uneasiness whenever I am not working. The feeling of uneasiness whenever I… Continue reading

Thoughts as a Singaporean

This Monday night feels different. It is like the whole town is keeping its silence. The isnt many cars around but just lots and lots of taxis. Seems like everyone’s home to watch… Continue reading

My escape to KL

As usual with my self-inflicted stresses, I am having a hard time remaining sane.  With non of life going towards the right direction in relationship, career, nor at home, i barely could think… Continue reading