The Training Diary. 4-August-2015

Follow me through to fight against the realism of Life in the journey to achieve my Dream of joining the ranks of the World’s Best Skaters. 4-August-2015 Hyper Sport East Coast Park Today… Continue reading

The home of the most beautiful women in the World

To continue my trip in Philippines….. On the 4th day, Luisa planned me a trip to visit the beaches at her hometown, a 2-3 hour drive away from Manila, to the Zambales province.… Continue reading

The Training Diary. 9-July-2015

Starting the series of The Training Diary. Follow me through to fight against the realism of Life in the journey to achieve my Dream of joining the ranks of theWorld’s Best Skaters. 1st… Continue reading

The Tastiest Facial!

After months of not heading for a Facial, I finally had a Day less Hectic enough to squeeze for one I was yearning for a pampering facial. Michelle once again took me in… Continue reading

Monday’s Blue

Today isnt exactly my best of days. A totally free Monday but not in the best of mood. Had yet another argument in my relationship. The worst part of every argument in relationships… Continue reading

My solo Trip to Philippines!

Since I was back from Korea for autumn, it has been a whole 6 months of no traveling! That something quite seriously hard for someone like me being severely infected by the travel… Continue reading

My 8th SQ Interview

Once again, I made my way down to the interview halls with my files and suit, in my best makeup. Morning isn’t exactly my best timing. But it will have to do. Having… Continue reading

Officially thoroughly Infected; A Workaholic

Busy is my last name. I am officially thoroughly infected. A Workaholic. I don’t know since this happened. This feeling of uneasiness whenever I am not working. The feeling of uneasiness whenever I… Continue reading

My route to getting better

Work have been great! Busy but truly enjoying myself. It has been so long since I have put my artistic side to any use. XD Yes I have still been drawing occasionally, but… Continue reading

My New Job :)

So, the first week of work just went pass like that. Just a week but it felt as if I have been here forever already. Nope, it isn’t the mind-dreading, endless and constraining… Continue reading