Pre 1st day of work

Waves of anxiousness and worries have been showering me ever since yesterday. I am gonna start my first day of a 9 to 6 job tomorrow. Yes… A 9 to 6 office job.… Continue reading

20% off your Hair Services?

♡ FREE 1-YEAR Membership ♡ ♡ 10% -20% off* hair services! ♡ ♡ % off during Birthday Month too!!!! ♡ What else can we all ask for?!! Yes of course I had to… Continue reading

Thoughts as a Singaporean

This Monday night feels different. It is like the whole town is keeping its silence. The isnt many cars around but just lots and lots of taxis. Seems like everyone’s home to watch… Continue reading

The wandering weekend about the midst of KL

It was just a day of wandering about in the midst of KL. Coffee and food, with a little bit of shopping. Too much thoughts floating here and there about to keep me… Continue reading

My escape to KL

As usual with my self-inflicted stresses, I am having a hard time remaining sane.  With non of life going towards the right direction in relationship, career, nor at home, i barely could think… Continue reading

At the Police Station

My probably 5th time at the police station. I swear it is the most unenjoyable process. Every single time something happened big enough for me to think I need to report it, nothing… Continue reading

How I keep my white smile!

I have been trying to be very diligent in my work and on taking care of myself! I have went to visit the Dental today! Have always been proud of my beautiful teeth… Continue reading


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It is March again. Almost 1/4 of the year is already up! Is this going to continue going faster and faster as we grow old? Than by 80 each year would probably feel… Continue reading

BeautyLand Salon

There have been a bookshelves full of outdated posts. With all the craze of Chinese New Year going around, time have been stretched to its limit. No time even for dating!   Of… Continue reading