Days after the Pageant

The Final came and went by.

As most of you would have known by now. I did not manage to win the crown. Came in 1st runner up.


The days after the pageant, my thoughts were just very much evolving around the fact that I did not managed to win, how it was that a Beauty pageant here in Singapore is often not about looks but other factors.  How close I was to winning, what I should have had done and how I could have done better.
This competition judging criterial, Beauty was a 30%, Intelligence 30% and Compassion a 40%. Weird how compassion can be judged. The comfort lies in that despite beauty not being the main judging criterial, I had managed to come up as a 1st runner up.

Many encouraged me to join in again the next year. Saying that eventually you will get 1st! That I shouldn’t give up! ^.^ It made me laughed all these positive people. However, I do not think I will be joining another chase for the crown. Not because I have given up but because I know that I had proven myself and it is time to chase another dream. πŸ™‚


Love this pic! I actually like the look of myself much more without the crown on my head.

Life pretty much went back to normal, very much appreciated for the first few days.

I gave up on my diet, ate everything in my way. In the past 2 days, I have consumed a loaf of subway just for breakfast, the whole tub of ice cream for supper, Starbucks too and all the carbohydrates I can have. Freed of all my craving, my tummy is now suffering from the damage done. Giving no attention to my dressing nor grooming too, my naked face is on the display, uncombed hair and slippers on for the Singaporean style too. Nope I am far from being the beauty queen image. Just very much the Singaporean.

But now that everything is back to normal, the sudden slack in my schedule, emptiness gnaw on my inside. The daily routine which I had so much wished for before the pageant, I now have a dreading for. Time to tackle that ever growing list of To dos!


The photos of the Finals start to surface one by one too, and My God haha I think I looked really far from my expectation.
My make up made me look really old, the hair deco and hairstyle do no justice to the dress, my double chin and explicit layers of fats add on to the damage. No wonder I did not win. The technology advancement really could draw up illusion these days! My Meipai Beauty cam have been shielding my eyes too much. I have imagined myself to be slimmer. :’D aren’t gonna post those photos up. you will have to search the web for my double chin. :’D


Some photos during the interview! Did not managed to have much photos taken with Charity, Miss World Singapore 2015, as she was busy with her interview.

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