Miss World Singapore 2015

So the much await post, Miss World Singapore (MWS) 2015 Final!


When questioned about my Pageant experiences, most people would ask “How? Is it scary? It is political? Are the girls nice? Do they back-stab as people say?“.

Well it is as what you have imagined, but different and much more.

Singapore’s pageant are still of a rather small scaled event compare to the other countries. We have lesser competitors, lesser competitions, but still it doesn’t mean that the competition is much less tougher. Though most of us joined for the sake of experiences, but in which competition do we not join to win? Or at least dream of winning. Most of the girls, me included, we did give each other a good fight.

So yes all of us tried our best to be our best in all aspect, from face, hair, body, to dressing, even behavior and manner. People do call us Fake as not all are born natural grateful and elegant (like me, I fail at that), thus we have to act the most we could the part. It is a political. Knowing the right people does help. However at the end of the day, despite me knowing the most amount of people in this pageant for example, I did not win. Money does help too in some of the other pageants but no, no one sleeps with anyone just to win the crown. It is still up to your real substance at the end of the day.ย 

Beneath all these, I would say that the girls are all really nice. In all the numerous pageants I have participated in, I would say that the Pageant girls are the nicest people around. We might not be graceful nor elegant once the pageant final is over (lol), but they are still the most intelligent, well-groomed and sweetest people around. So, yea the pageant girls are nice, the nicest even.

For this pageant for example, the girls helped all the other girls who are busy with their hair and makeup buy lunch, also Q&A answers were shared around because they were saying that “well if I don’t get the question no point for me keeping that answer too.” (how sweet is that?), and helped one another in brushing up our introductions and catwalk. Of cause there are always unhealthy competitors, but the gains for most pageants are always for the healthy competitors. There are back-stabbers in every industry.

Will answer more questions and myths relating to pageants on following posts! For now, here’s what happen backstage in preparation of the Final.


Thank you for staying back and accompanying me to search for my lost car keys after the final!

The entire day started off early, crazy even in the morning, with tons of last min packaging up to do, shaving, last min piling of facial products, and packing of our luggage.
Why the need for a luggage?

Because the list goes like this:
– Sponsored Bikini & Sarong
– Beachwear
– Accessories for Bikini, Beachwear, Gown and Hair
– 1 pair of silver Heels and 1 pair of black Heels
– Leg makeup spray
– Nubra
– Stocking
– Makeup Kit
– Jacket to keep warm
– Food to last the day
– Q&A Preparation

It was lucky I went prepared. The room was freezing, freezing so much that even with my jacket and sarong on the cold was unbearable, very much more felt by all of us than of all the pressure and anxiety built up. It was like war. A war of makeup and dress up while in the cold.ย The other girls were much less prepared.

At 11am – Most of us have reported. Our coordinator Xinyi got us started on rehearsal.
12pm – Did our introduction rehearsal while 1st batch of girls were sent for hair and makeup. The 2nd batch went for lunch, very kindly treated by MWS organizer Limelite!1.30pm – The 2nd batch of girls queued for makeup. The rest of us went to touch up on our other parts or eat.
3pm – Full dress rehearsal. Shivering in our bikinis
4pm – The choreographer arrive to give us another run through of the rehearsal.
5pm – All chaos and rush backstage. Half of our hair are not set and (almost) everyone is reciting their introduction and Q&A answer. Practicing catwalk.
6pm – Taking final group pictures while the guest arrive! All shaking from anxiousness or cold, though probably both. But wait, let us take a Selfie! #MWS2015

6.15pm – Rushing to the toilets.
6.30pm – Behind the big stage. Naked again in bikinis. Shivers.
7pm –Beachwear segment. (Dress in our own clothes round. That’s why we are all dressed so differently.)


7.30pm – Bikini segment with Self introduction. (Name, Age, What do you do, and If you win Miss World Singapore….)
Sponsored by Bella Kini

Contestants Photos to be viewed below. Photo credit to Leon Liew, The Hair Secrets.

8pm – Backstage. Changing and more Selfies!

IMG_1975 IMG_1977


My Lip and Hair!!!

8.30pm –Gown segment. Top 7 Question & Answer.
Sponsored by Le Seine Bridal Boutique


9pm –Crowning and sub-Awards




Photo credit to Leon Liew, The Hair Secrets.

and of course no event could end without a selfie pic with the queen! ๐Ÿ™‚


Right to Left: 3rd- Charis Lin, 2nd- Ziyi Kuek, 4th- Ashley Chin, 5th- Sheen Cher and 1st- Charity Seng

I would not have been able to get to my 1st runner up position, nor would I have fought so far without my sponsors.

Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have believed in me! Agassi Salon for my lovely locks, my beautiful glowy skin. Natural Cancer Care Center for taking of my Health throughout these Hectic weeks and putting me through with their healthy sliming program as well. Also Cincitynails for my beautifully done nails. I couldnt have had better support nor better sponsors than them. Am really grateful, thankful and couldn’t have felt more blessed!

Will drop you guys with more details on my individual preps on my hair, body and face on further posts! ๐Ÿ™‚


The embed video shows the highlights and summary of the entire night, taken by Yahoo! https://sg.screen.yahoo.com/miss-world-singapore-2015-091208781.html