November 7, 2015

Wind howling, clouds gathering, with the crackles of thunder in the background, it is a rather relaxing Saturday morning, with coffee and danish bread for breakfast at the Starbucks.

The only downside is, I am back home again after yet another routinely round of SIA interview. Out on my first round for the 10th time, ok maybe more than the 10th attempt. This time, I am dressed in knee length black dress, coated with an office blazer and an average makeup, topped however with red lip and the signature cabin crew bun. I smiled a lot, practiced my speech, maintain my posture. Our question this time was,” What do you think will be the most challenging issue for you as a cabin crew?” I mentioned difficult passengers and perhaps jet-lag. Some of us answered time away from family, language barriers and adapting to people from different backgrounds and ethics. Out of 10, 5 of us passed on to the following round, most of us who dress and spoke well were rejected.

Perhaps the next time I should dress more causal and sound more fresh-grad?