Miss Singapore World 2015 – 2 Days before

Two days before the pageant.

I am still sick, down with sore throat and unprepared.
The questions for the final have been given out. What we were suppose to do have be instructed.
Introduction to be done with our Name, Age, Occupation and the question, “What would you do if you are crowned Miss World Singapore?” The golden question.
Though I roughly have an idea in mind, but roughly is not enough to get me through this.

I have yet to prepare how I am to stand, talk, nor react, and I am getting anxious all right.
But as much as I am dreading the big day, I am looking forward to getting it over and done with. No more endless gyms, diets and beauty appointments. (Maybe)

Now I am at East Coast just done with some abs work out while nursing a terrible headache.. The currently never ending haze is not causing asthma to worsen…


Yesterday, Sunday the 18th of Oct, we had our Charity part done for Miss World. In the morning we brought the kids from the low-income families in Singapore to the National Museum of Singapore. It was just a short simple trip. It was really obvious how much the kids enjoyed it, along with their free burgers and especially their free goodies bags which they were excited to get to share with their family. It was co-organized by the Lions Club Singapore a charity organization made up of entirely volunteers. A really huge organization! It was nice to know that there are so many of these kind souls living among us in Singapore!





After the trip at the Museum, the Lion club invited us to join them at their Lions club Dinner. A Introductory dinner about the Lion Clubs Singapore for all its donors, helpers and associates. You can see from this Picture how huge this organization is! I was amazed! Haha and yes selfies everywhere. Life is too short to not make memories. XDIMG_1877

Us as Miss World Singapore getting in touch with the Charity organizations in Singapore!

Us as Miss World Singapore getting in touch with the Charity organizations in Singapore!

More Photos below!

We were also featured on Shin Min today. :O With all our badly styled photos. Haha All of us were horrified it happened though of cause having publicity is always a good thing! The questions for the Final are out as well. Totally having not enough time to do everything. :/ Nails only done at 2.30am…. I am gonna sound so sexy on the Final that they will doubt my gender. Lol

IMG_1734But it is gorgeous!!! For booking of my talented Manicurist! You can whatapps her at 98180303 or book her via Vanity app @cincitynails for 30% discount using the Promo code: CinCityNails30 ! So this would cost last than $100 buck with all the charms, diamonds, and Gel extension. 🙂 I always share my good deals!

IMG_1868ok 4am. Gotta go sleep. Need to be up in 3 hours time for WORK. :l