Celeb-like week!

The past week has been wonderful. It has been a week filled with unexpected events. On Sat, Redbull sponsored us a trip to Sepang KL to catch the Sepang 1000km endurance race. It… Continue reading

Triumph tv commercial shooting

My 1st major TVC! I am not sure if you guys have saw this the past weeks, but I am on TV! It has been on Channel 5, 8 & U. It was… Continue reading

An attempt to summaries my reason to curse.

I have been feeling quite down recently. Feeling lost, endless without direction. I do not know what I want, what do I like. Even if I know it, i dont know it in… Continue reading

Subaru Impreza challenge media event

As some of you might know and some of you might not know (ought to know :P), We are the Subaru diva-lious all female performance driving team! Simply speaking, we do performance driving… Continue reading

Halloween Spooktures!

With Halloween getting more and more popular, I did not intend to join the crazy crowd this year. However, the change of plan came about when I happen to met my Primary schoolmates… Continue reading

Adidas: Lesson 4

Oh the final lap! You ve finally got the rhythm with your feet, dancing to the beat. Then, you see the finishing so near that you can almost taste the sweet success on… Continue reading

Adidas: Lesson 3

Katherine and Me that Morning. waHaha we both look like we are so trying so hard to be awake.   WE ARE THE GIRLS WHO DARE. I was dragging myself to class for… Continue reading

Flea market!

On the 17 and 18 of Sept, together we my 2 other collegues, we set up a booth to sell some of the gorgeous clothes which we couldnt fit in any longer! The… Continue reading

Adidas: Lesson 2

Punch, punch, punch, kick! After the 1st lesson, I was indeed looking forward to the 2nd week of the Adidas combat boxing class. With the exciting ranges of products Adidas has offered me,… Continue reading

F1 Singtel Grid Girls

Wow! I love F1 week! Even more now when I started advance driving. With 60 laps to be in complete focus and each cutting lines of the races as precise as possible. Now… Continue reading