In FuZhou

Fuzhou 的第一天

Arriving at the Sports Exhibition ground, it was crazily massive. The exhibition ground is located in the middle of a tiny island in the middle of a lake, and the exhibition cover the entire island. With numerous exits, it cover sports of all kind, from gym and weightlifting to lion dance and all kind of unique sports. Even skating, there was no way I could cover the entire exhibition.

Over at our section, all the skating suppliers, manufacturers and distributors had their booths on display. From skating stage performance, to booth built with ramps and fashion runway show, it was a craze of activities! There was also all kind of skates from imitations to our Freestyle brands. Also athletes ambassadors like us, from china and oversea alike and fans!



Entering the Exhibition!

The most interesting I find is probably the Fashion show. It is probably so common in China, but seeing them wearing a Cheongsam parading with a skate in their hand in so weird! Imagine wearing a hanbok and parading with a skate in your hand! Lol also Everything is Red! Even the lights.

Our very own Freestyle booth performance! Just a very quick dance by Yu Jin Seong (YJS) and Lee Jong Seok (LJS), also fellow Freestyle Athlete and ambassador. They did this dance with just 15 min prep time!

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