Vblog 21 April 2016

2016-04-28 02.36.11The day after arriving in DongGuan, we make our way up, to FuZhou 890km up North…

It was a nearly 10 hours journey, departing at 10pm, reaching at 8am the following morning. I have traveled like this couple of times in my other travels but this time round, it was actually one of my most comfortable ride. The road was surprisingly smooth!

China have developed a lot. Also one of the characteristic their road have is this big bright blinking light which you will have to go through, similar to our ERP, once in a while. Thats their speed camera! Kind of irritating to have white lights flashing at you once in a while but it seems to be really effective! Cause they really drove within the speed limit the entire journey! At 120/hr for this almost 900km journey… Making the road really safe. I was quite surprise, comparing that China is so much safer than Malaysia.. Though if I am speaking from a driver point of view… Malaysia would be a more preferred place for driving.. with almost no speed limit if you pay Kopi(coffee) fines.

Tips for traveling in China.
Download their Baidu map.
Also renting a car is not a bad idea.
Traffic jams occur more or less just during the peak hours.
If you are traveling by their express train, head there really early like 2-3 hours in advance because the queue gets crazy just to get the ticket. Or you will end up missing the train.

If you are just traveling within the city.
Get a electric bike would be the easy choice. (you can even go against traffic with this!)
Try taking the bike taxis instead. Taxis are usually just taken by the foreigners and you will get exploited easier. (or at least for DongGuan area)
Do not take any taxis without 1st bargain and agreeing on the price!