Vblog 20 April 2016

2016-04-19 23.04.46

Arrived in Dongguan after touch down in Shenzhen International Airport. It was a 40mins drive of roughly 120km/hr. I arrived in a city big and spacious, far from the rush and hustle I expected of from my previous trips to China. The road of DongGuan are newly laid, big and quite clean. Motorbikes are exempted from this city. Interesting..

It was 1.30am.

Most of the streets are closed. We pulled in beside the building walked towards the lighted shop and another car load of people joined in, the skaters from Hainan. Together 8 of us begin the night with 小龙虾 prawns, a carton of beer…, and frog.

Surprisingly the food was really good. Being to China many times I had often more bad experiences than good ones regarding food. Mostly they are overly fried, oily, salty… overly spiked till I don’t taste the food. :’D However this time, it was yes still definitely more oily than our food back home, it was delicious. The prawns were awesome, definitely would love to have them again and perfect with the beer. Only complain.. The frog would have been nicer deboned. :’DDD that would have been perfect in our style. lol.

2016-04-20 01.19.15

2016-04-20 01.27.29

VBlog. 11am. Dong Guan