Making the full use of your flight spending

What is December without some snow and the feel of winter?

Tomorrow I will be off for my Winter trip to Mongolia! ALONE! for 7 days of freezing -30! and yes I am anxious about it! Living in sunny Singapore of a constant 30++ even in the rainy season, -30 degree is a whopping 60 degree difference! :O

But an advice from a friend made me set up my mind on this trip. If you can try it (the cold) now, you would not be able to ever try it again later! YOLO!
Haha and very true indeed. So 3 weeks ago, I purchased my tickets.

A whopping $1300.

A pretty steep amount for somewhere in Asia, but there are always ways to make the full use of your money.

With no direct flight to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, I book 2 separate tickets, instead of traveling to just 1 country, I now extending my trip to 2.+ a 1 night stay in Hanoi! Making it totally worth every cents and penny of the flight!

๐Ÿ˜‰ You can always trust me on making the most out of my traveling money. ;D

Here is my flight itinerary for $1300:
Dec 25 Flight to KoreaDec 27 Flight to Mongolia
ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Spending my New Year there!
Jan 2ย  Flight to Korea
Jan 10 Flight to Singapore with an overnight stay in Hanoi!

A total of 16 Days in 3 different countries.


TOTAL FEE Breakdown as of date

FLIGHT to 2 countries – $1271.35
To & Fro Flight from Singapore to Korea : SGD 568.65
To & Fro Flight from Korea to Mongolia: SGD 702.70

LODGING for all 16 Days – $135.65
Kim Guesthouse in Sinchon Seoul: 8 nights for KRW 87360 = SGD 104.91
Mini Residence in Gangnam Seoul: 1 night for SGD 30.74
Friend’s house in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: 7 nights for Price for Gift ;D โค

GIFTS & SOUVENIR for friends and visiting – $144.80
Pineapple Tarts x 3: SGD 48

Bak Kwa 1kg (3 pack): SGD 51
Pork Floss 4 pack: SGD 32.80
Singapore’s souvenirs: SGD 13

Total fee spent for now: $ 1551.8