Agassi Beauty 아가씨 – A Korean head to toe Beauty Shop

We all know the hassle of having all our appointments at different locations, spending umpteen amount of time for each one of them…
4 hours for the hair, 2 hours for the nails, another 2 hours for the facial and worst of all, adding 2 more hours of traveling time to head to each location!

So here’s the good news. Other than being able to save your traveling time, you can now save up to half of your time spent because at Agassi Beauty, they provide everything. From treatments to care for your Hair, Skin and Body, to styling for your important events in Hair and Makeup. Or even just image consultation! But of course, through the Korean point of Beauty, it is after all a Korean Beauty Salon!

What’s better than this?

To have a salon where we are able to fix everything of us Head to Toe!


If you have been reading my blog, you would have know from now, how much I love Korean Beauty Salon. Not just because I like Korea, but because their services and treatments are always awesome! After all they are the country everyone is keeping an eye on these days, because of their leading Styling and Fashion sense, and not to mention their wonderful skin care treatments.

At Agassi 아가씨 is no exception!

Prior to my Beauty Pageant I have been hogging their place for treatments, for my hair, skin and body. So much so that a weekly visit to Agassi is something of a fixed schedule. It was them who had made sure I was all prepped up and made winning 1st runner up possible.

You could see the difference here!

In my Hair styling and coloring.


In my Facial treatment.
(not taken with any beauty app nor edited! Straight off iPhone photo!)


In my Slimming treatments.
(Sorry no Before and After for this one.)


Isn’t the result wonderful especially for the Facial? That my favorite service! Of course I love the hair styling and the colour the Hair stylist has especially chosen for me ( I left the choice entirely up to her!). But for the Facial the result was just remarkable. That I went out for jobs without putting any foundation. (Swear its the truth!) I piled on makeup, doing my eyes and lip everything except foundation cause there really wasn’t a need to.

Plus the best part is while you are doing your hair, you get to do your nails or some basic facial, saving all the hours! For me, I do my Slimming treatments and Facial treatments together!

Photos of the Facial! (my Selfie level has reached the Max Stage, being able to snap selfies without using my eyes)

Totally in love with it. Bora the Salon’s owner explained to me that this treatment is the famous Korean MulGuang treatment. In direct translation 물광 MulGuang =  光.
The total Facial last nearly 3 hours. Costing $280 for the most intensive treatment and a basic treatment for $120.
They do the V shaped sculpting Facial power lifting care, too as well as Liposlim care! More of their services can be viewed on their website!

To contact AGASSI Beauty

Call 67333569
220 Orchard Road #04-13 Midpoint Orchard, Singapore 238852

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