Miss Singapore World 2015 – 1 Day before Final

So the last night available for preparation has came. Though the last weeks have been a struggle of gym-ming and dieting… Yes I am still.. barely prepared and far from my fitness, ideal goal.


All I could think of at this point of time is sleeppppp and fooood. About what food would I first like to gobble up immediately after the final. I have came down to Starbuck Dark Mocha, Awfully Chocolate ice cream, Buffet, or even better Ice cream buffet, and I have settled on what to eat for lunch on Thursday already. Chicken rice with sauce.

I am totally dreading the Big day as well as looking forward to it being over at the same time. Questions of what if I win and what if I don’t win kept running through my head.

I am just done with another round of slimming today, and from my previous post, I have a lot of you asking me about the slimming salon. It is a salon called Bioapex in Jurong. They can be reached at 65649929. 12167125_10153671009899935_1333794582_n

Home and getting ready for tomorrow’s big day already.
Yes my second time. But the 1st time gives you the excitement while the 2nd time usually just leave you with anxiousness.
7pm now, I have to walk the dog. Eat my tasteless steam chicken breast with boiled veg. 7.45pm. Visit the doctor again. 8.30pm. Practice my speech and walk. 9.30pm. Prepare for the final 10 questions’ answer. Memories them and read. 12am. Prepare and pack for tmr. 1am. oh and Shave.. :/ Perhaps 2am before I can reunite with bed and tomorrow is a Up Early day again.

Facial’s done too! 🙂 and it was my best facial ever. Falling in love with #Koreafacial after this

IMG_1775 IMG_1788
Looking so flawless without any makeup! #rarefewtimesofmylife


My gown for the final is settled.

My beach wear to be this. 🙂

Bikini would be as shown in the previous post.

Now just the Q&A stress.

“If you are crowned Miss World Singapore 2015, what would you do?”

Oh and tmr’s packing.
– Hair Extensions
– Stocking
– Hair Curler
– Facial Wipes
– Makeup set
– Silver heels
– Black Heels
– Beach Dress
– Bikini with Sarong
– Accessories
– Nubra
– Fake Eyelashes
– Spray makeup for legs
– Written speech and Q&A answers
– Portable batt
– Food
– Jacket

Tomorrow 21st Oct 2015 at 1 Farrer Park Station Road S217562

1. Do you think we have gender equality when it comes to career path?

2. What do you think is the greatest social problem in Singapore today?

3. What is your opinion on swimwear segment in pageant?

4. What do you think you can contribute to the community service sector in Singapore?

5. If you have a chance to undergo cosmetic surgery, would you go for it and why?

6. Who is your favorite role model and why?

7. Tell us one thing that you have done that you are proud of and would like to share with us.

8. In you words , what’s the meaning of ‘beauty with a purpose’.

9. Tell us why you should be crown Miss World Singapore 2015.

10. What inspire you the most in your life?