Miss Singapore World 2015 – 4 Days before

Today is the 17th Oct. 4 more days before the final.

It has been a crazy hectic month. I am now typing with barely opened eyes, and still sick with sore throat and asthma. But… What’s more exciting for a girl than participating in the upcoming National pageant! Though it isnt my 1st time, nor my 1st try in this Miss Singapore World (MSW) pageant, I am still as excited and anxious. Thus how better than to pen it down?

So far we have did our photoshoot, gown fitting, collected our sponsored bikinis. Just had rehearsal today and in 3 daysSs would be our Final. Everything is happening too quickly. I have been dieting, heading to the gym and going for beauty treatments. It was all crazy this 2 weeks, it all started from the 5 Oct. We had our 1st meet up; for the official Photoshoot.

This year MSW/MWS is sponsored by:
Hair and Makeup – The Hair SecertsGowns – Le Seine Bridal Boutique
Bikini – Bella Kini Singapore

and organized by Limelite Management.

It was crazy the photoshoot. Everything that could go wrong, turns our wrong. I was late due to my appointment before, forgotten my cash card gotten fine for crossing the ERP with it and could not find any parking. In the end I had to drove to Chinatown to park before taking a train down to the shoot location. The shoot went quite badly too. I had my hair and make up done like this. I cried from disappointment. It was stupid haha but yes I was horrified that I was to be taking photos looking like that. Lolll So pardon my face.

The end Photoshoot product was ok. Looking old, not my best, but at least I am not looking ugly in it was my consolation. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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But other that the photoshoot “hiccup”, the gowns was lovely, the bikini sponsors were delightful.

IMG_1363Β  IMG_1365

12167125_10153671009899935_1333794582_nThe Natural Cancer Care Center sponsored me the best selling Slimming products. They took care of my health too, making sure I stick to my diet regiment, measured my fat percentage weekly and sent me to even slimming at a massage center today!

It was not so bad. The result was quite visible. But I do wonder if it last or it is just a day thing. But I will be heading down for slimming again on Tues! the day before the final.

Today we had our full run rehearsal with our bikini and beach wear. I mix the dates up though and didnt bring any attire. :X Mix it up with the Charity event which is my most looked forward to event in this pageant. Cause it makes the whole event more meaningful putting “Beauty” into good use! πŸ˜€ That will be tomorrow instead.

Will blog more tomorrow. Am dying for now.

Today’s rehearsal pic!

From Left to Right. That’s Contestant 1 Giselle Ong, Contestant 14 Sharon Nadine Wee, Contestant 4 Loh Qing Yu