The Leading Korea Salon

With my last salon at Katong I had a whole year of colourful adventures. I had so many colours in my hair that I could not even decide what colour am I to go for next! It was indeed picture-worthy but it is time for a change!

With the Korea Fever hitting all over town, where else is better to go than the Leading Korea Salon in Singapore!?

22530_853413168052465_2857081290652245719_nThe Comb Hair Studio, located in 12 Gemmil Lane, is lead by a team of Korean hair stylists. Promise of giving it clients hairdos that will befits a Kpop star, it is no wonder the leading Korean hair studio in Singapore.

The Comb’s mission: Do the right things right for our clients, first time, everytime. They believe in customers being the epitome of survival, therefore aim to pamper clients in every single aspect, by meeting their needs through excellent customer service & exceeding customer’s expectations for all range of hair services.

Just reading their mission is amazing. It is oozing with their passion of getting their clients what they want with the salon’s best expertise. Click here to have a look at their website and see for yourself!

My favorite hair experience was definitely the visit I had in Seoul Gangnam, at Leechard Prohair 리차드프로헤어, when I cropped my long long hair short without even planning for it. I had that much confidence in them and I never regretted it. I  had not been able to find a experience as such since I came back to Singapore. (Go visit there if you are in Seoul!)

This time at Comb Hair Studio, it was a re-live of that experience. Great service, awesome stylish and of course loving the result! Almost felt like a spa retreat!

Well heading in, I had my hair, like this….

With no extra cost, no looks of disdain or whatever, the staffs just welcome me sincerely and start their work… on the removal of my hundreds of braids…


It took 40 mins or so with 4 + me removing it. I was lucky there was no customer at that moment!
With my favorite game pretending I am from a different nationality, I would have kept this hairstyle if it was a permanent curl. I dont mind looking like an African once in a while, they are pretty cool looking people. XD Lol but sadly the curls arent.

Meeting their (the customers’) needs through excellent customer service & exceeding customer’s expectations, their pampering hair wash comes together with a head and neck massage! I was utterly delighted at that point of time as I was having sore shoulder and stiff neck from perhaps my heavy braids. haha. If only there are options to opt for more massage hahaha light or heavy pressure. lolll joking! 

I had no idea of what colour I should grace my hair with next this time, as I have said I have had it in millions of colours before. Thus leaving the choice to my stylist Bella! She picked a really subtler Matt Lavender Brown for me.  It cant really be seen through the photos but it has this slight faint purple hue in its brown, and it is all matt! Totally loving it as much as my colourful hair. The Lavender brown soften my whole look and I believe it what made the entire hairstyle look young!

Perhaps you can see in this picture, how soft the colour made me look. hahaha I am definitely not so gentle!


Having a study date after the Haircut!


Dyeing it to Matt Lavender Brown!

For my Hair style, I have already had something in mind. Something along this line!

IMG_9541 IMG_9540

My hair has been short for a long time, thus I wanted to try a perm.

However with my hair being in braid for close to a month, it was a little dry and stripped of its natural oil.

IMG_9641Look at all those dead skin, dandruff from the braids!

A perm wasnt recommended for me. They did a soft curl for me instead. So for the change of look, I decided to try out bangs instead!! Despite cropping my use to be long hair short, I still have not had the courage to try cutting bangs.
XD However because of the wonderful job they did for the customer beside me. They managed to cut an amazing bangs for her despite her having quite a squarish looking face. That really need some good judgment and skill. So I decide to trust Belle and go for bangs.

Tada! The end result!

11745476_10153474805584935_3705946713667183498_nLooking close to what I had hope for~ This is the following day after the hair cut!
Did the slight curls myself the next day and am pretty satisfaction with the result! 🙂

Oh and I did not mention before this that in Comb Hair Studio, as of all Korea Salon in Korea, they serve free flow drinks on the house for both the customers and her guests! So I was spoilt for choice from Teas to Lattes and Sodas! Yes I had more than a glass. 😀 The salon I went in Gangnam even had desserts too and free manicure! Haha but really I was already spoilt for choice here in Comb.


Plus Stylist Belle is a dear! She is really sweet. She has been living in Singapore for quite a few years already and is currently dating a Singaporean. So we had a pretty interesting conversation regarding Singaporeans and Koreans dating relationship issues, could totally relate and we had a really great laugh!


So, in short, I am rating 8/10 stars for this experience, totally happy and would definitely visit again!

Photo taken in the Salon!

For those visiting, here is The Comb Hair Studio! Do visiting their website too for more details!
and their Facebook Page!