My route to Recovery!

Today I will be writing about quite a deep topic, a topic regarding health, immune system and cancer, about TH17.
It is quite hard to explain about this briefly, so this is gonna be quite a lengthy post..

Why am I writing about this?

Remember those times when I have been complaining and ranting about my health and everything? Those times I have been so ill, having asthma everyday, headaches too almost every other day and just sick; paying the doctors weekly visits. I was just 24 last year.
Yet I was then already lost of ways to get my health improved. The medicines from both the western and the chinese doctors gave me no improvement. I was too sick to even workout due to my constant breathlessness. Not working out contributed to even more health issues, insomnia, being too restless to sleep well. I couldn’t even be well enough to work daily.

I was eating vitamins C, fruit juice daily and trying to be as healthy as I can, the only thing I didnt try doing was brewing of soup and herbs. I was on the verge of doing that too. Some friends know about my situation, they all tried to help, suggesting crocodile soup even and driving to Old airport road daily to get it. Like I wasn’t tired enough.

Thats when a friend introduced me to the Th17 regimen from the APCODM Pte Ltd . I have been getting better since then. I am happy, with lesser headaches, no more asthma except when I am really sick, and sleeping well these days. They say that it even help with your complexion and also help prevent cancer and have already helped numerous cancer patients with their cancer. It sound like a scam and like a impossible thing but I definitely felt the result within the 1st week of taking the capsules of TH17 cells.

Lol no one hacked my blog account to post this nor am I paid to blog about this, so dont worry I am not trying to scam anyone.

So about this Th17 cells, the TH17 (T-helper 17 cell) are one of the T-cells (immune cells) that circulate around our bodies to scan for cellular abnormalities and infections. It was discovered in 2007 by two US Scientists Dr. Chen Dong and Dr. Carl June, a new white blood cell known as Th17 that is effective in curing cancer. Th17 cells summon an immune system strike against cancer. Of the different T-cells, Th17 cells specialise in activating a protective response crucial for our body to eliminate harmful bacteria or fungi. In simple terms, the TH17 cells help in our immunity and help eliminate diseases cells.

While the Th17 cells was a huge discovery in the Medical field and is proven to be highly effective to control bacteria, it was not very highly accepted nor welcome in the global pharmaceuticals market. The global pharmaceuticals market, is worth US$300 billion a year. A figure expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years, can be drastically affected if everyone’s immunity improved – mmmm, food for thought.

Th17 Regimen has been used successfully on various types of cancer including lung, breast, prostate, lymphatic, leukemia, bone, tongue, nasopharyngeal, liver and colon cancers. Another alternative for cancer patients, perhaps the only natural treatment though.

For everyone else, the TH17 Regimen helps in boosting our daily immune system.
With our foods and products in our world today, most produced with a huge cognizance on profit, operations and steps are being cut short and animals and plants being injected to produce at a faster rate. Products while looking seemingly the same, became increasingly unhealthy for our body.

The APCODM Regimen/TH17 Regimen

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Haha I know I sound like I am selling this product, sounding like a typical internet scam. Lol. but I do feel better these days. The version I’m taking is more for general health & beauty but I couldn’t resist sharing the product that they have which helps those with cancer.   Anyhow, I am now on my 2nd batch of product and cant be happier doing the things I love, and working hard. It felt horrible when u cant. It felt like dying. Dont even want to imagine what cancer will feel like. If you know of family or friends with cancer it would be worth your while and theirs to at the very least check APCODM’s product for cancer out.

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