August 26, 2015

Been thinking of lots of business idea plans, but really dont even know where to start, should I even start and what am I really to do, which to start 1st. I guess I have imagining and giving myself excuse, to start if this goes right, that goes right, to start when I am free, which I will of course never be free ever. Lol Yes I have been stuck in this stage for ages, and now dating someone brings my heart quite far from being focus on its task. :O

I just need to rant and ramble and prate. Been uneasy for ages due to procrastination and laziness.

To do List Monthly

Monthly maintenance of Facials and IPLs
Collecting of payments from all my agents
Cleaning my room, van, bike and skate

Travel once a month? Lol I wish…

To do List Weekly

Go to Office 3days a week
Blog 3 days a weekGym 3 days a week
Skate 4 days a week
1 day for business mails and report

What about dance? Worldventure even? My sponsors products?

Devote 1day to learn a new skill… I wish too Lolll
oh plus dating 7 days a week if I can too. haha

It doesnt seems so hard but so hard too. and yes I have been telling myself to work hard for my future… zzz though. future seems a long way of hard work ahead. I am suppose to be enjoying my work since there are things I chose to do yet I wonder why am I not? I am not pressing myself too hard but yet… in some ways I am. :S