The Training Diary. 4-August-2015

Follow me through to fight against the realism of Life in the journey to achieve my Dream of joining the ranks of the World’s Best Skaters.

Hyper Sport East Coast Park

Today Boyfriend bought a new skate. So excited to have him to share the joy of skating with me!

His 4th time in Skates. Cant be prouder of him. Mostly beginners at 4th lesson are only trying to master their turns!

Do contact me for Skate Lessons!
A usual Beginner’s class of an hour would roughly consist of

Lesson1: Learning to stand, sit, fall, V-march.
Lesson2: Skating, V-march turn
Lesson3: Skating, gliding
Lesson4: Forward open close, scissors
Lesson5: Forward open close, heel brake
Lesson6: Heel brake, turns