The home of the most beautiful women in the World

To continue my trip in Philippines….. IMG_8246

On the 4th day, Luisa planned me a trip to visit the beaches at her hometown, a 2-3 hour drive away from Manila, to the Zambales province. (Actually less than that. It all depends on Manila’s famous jam)


It was a pleasant drive up together with Luisa colleague Charles, a road drive revealing a lot more of the real Philippines hidden behind by all those city-scrappers. The mountains and the rivers together with the stories of each passing districts made the journey barely seem to be over an hour, especially with wonderful companies!


The lava delta from the biggest eruption in Philippines in the 1991, from the volcano Mt Pinatubo. These areas use to be covered with bustling villages till the eruption.

Arriving at the province of Zambales, we first pass the city of Olongapo. Passing by the Port of Subic, one of the busiest, largest, historical and most important of Ports in the Philippines. The Port used to be a former U.S. Naval Base, together with its neighbor city Subic, was the former home of one of the largest US military facilities outside of the US. Other than its interesting history, Olongapo also has a reputation of being home to the world’s most beautiful ladies, home to many of Philippines’ past beauty queens and even former Miss World 2013, Megan Young!

So proud was the city of Olongapo that a huge beautiful welcome banner was even erected at the entrance of the city!

Me and Charles was immediately exclaiming,” Oh yes! Luisa! You are also from this province of Zambales!”.
Our Luisa was former Miss Bride of the World, winning the crown for the international pageant representing Philippines in 2010. Click here for article.

Another distinct feature of the Olongapo is all the small squarish block all over its hills. When question Luisa about it did we realize that they are all Tombs! The Filipinos dont bury their dead! They leave it in the tombs sealed by the cements like the Spanish! I am not too sure about the entire custom, but yupe, they dont bury it under ground!


Passing through Olongapo, we went into the Freeport Zone of its neighboring city Subic. Due to Subic being an old military base it is now aย tax- and duty-free zone where everything can be purchased at a DFS rate.ย Wah how shiok right? DFS outside of the airport!ย It has also Giant Marts like those from the American Movies! Everything including alcohol is so Cheap!! Talk about Best shopping! Subic Bay Freeport Zone is now host to many tourist attractions which include casinos, beaches, diving/snorkeling, parks, beachside huts and cottages and historical artifacts, and beach and beach and beach, totally gorgeous beach.


Blue sea, green mountains and black volcanic sand. What more can anyone ask for? Cant help but envy the locals living here! With all these views, duty-free shopping and born with good genes too?

However our destination was not Subic. Heading further down north, we arrived at the San Antonio, Luisa’s home away from Manila, also the place where she grew up in.


IMG_8254 IMG_8259

We headed to her favorite hang out place, an island where mostly only the locals know about! The Capones Island! Click to see where it is at!

So here’s the best part of my trip!

IMG_8280I have been to beaches from Bali, to Dubai, to the beaches in Jeju. But truely, Philippines does keep up to its name of having one of the BEST beaches of the World.
No need for more words, but look at all these filter unnecessary photos!


this is Charles! he is half Filipino half American!

Finally we ended our day back on the shore of the mainland with us all ten shade darker, me looking more local than ever, and till date not being able shed off the tan 2 months after the trip.


The black Volcanic Sand of the mainland.

My next trip to Philippines would definitely include a Dive! and to explore the terrains of the North!

Keep a watch out for part 3 of My trip to Philippines! where I will writing about my trip to the waterfall!