The Training Diary. 9-July-2015

Starting the series of The Training Diary.

Follow me through to fight against the realism of Life in the journey to achieve my Dream of joining the ranks of theWorld’s Best Skaters.

1st step, training to be competitive again.


Ngee Ann Poly Skate Club

A ToeCrossAcidToe slide (top video), and a ToeToeUnity slide (bottom video).

Toe Cross Acid Toe
Estimated Distance of 4meters
Body lending too forward, need to stabilize arms

Toe Toe Unity
Estimated Distance of 3meters
Need more practice to be more stable and increase distance


Attempted my very 1st successful Toe Cross Acid Toe in 2007 and Toe Toe Unity in 2008.
Probably the 1st attempt in the World at that time and the 1st person to have done it.
There wasn’t any videos or documentation of female sliders at those times. I wasn’t as well too stable in executing it 100% all the time too. Thus it wasn’t quite known in the skating industry that this too originated from Singapore.

Now brushing off my dust and will try to master it once again!