The Tastiest Facial!

After months of not heading for a Facial, I finally had a Day less Hectic enough to squeeze for one
I was yearning for a pampering facial. IMG_7519

Michelle once again took me in her care. I was not only pampered! but treated to the most yummy-licious facial ever! She customized the entire facial base on flowers and it was hard not to doze off and dream that one is in a Garden midst of Spring! It was not just the flowers that were used, but the seeds as well, all grounded into a fine mask at the end of the facial. I swear I really had the mind to grab some quick bites. I never dreamed that I would ever wanted to try how a Facial mask taste like.

For those of you who might be interested this whole delicious facial process, Read on!


The Signature Treatment Michelle tailored for me was the signature aroma Aromaplasty.

Aromaplasty is the legendary DECLEOR signature treatment.

It can be adapted to each skin type targeting and meeting its specific needs.  In my case, she concentrated on the hydration & radiance for my skin, (Too much makeup that I lost all my radiance!) to boost them in their restoration!

She started off my treatment with a (1) Double Face Cleansing, carried out with essential oil facial cleanser + lip & eye removal oils. Gentle and good for the skin! Followed by (2) Deep Cleansing using their Purete salon cleanser. Michelle strictest belief, “no facial will be beneficial if the cleansing isnt thorough!”. She did the (3) Double Radiance Exfoliation using cardamom seeds from Madagascar & Jojoba Beads to remove the remaining stubborn dirt. Then after… a Face massage!! The (4) DECLEOR 3 Techniques Face Massage was done (4.1) using Neroli Aromessemce oil while applying pressure on various meridian points. (4.2) Neroli Balm was then use to give an Aroma drainage to remove toxins. Completing the rest of the massage with the (3) aroma massage.

Wah, how nice isnt it to have a Facial inclusive of a massage filled with flowers?
The flower fanatic me Love it.


The (5) Aroma Facial comes next with a specially selected radiance mask was applied as a base mask. This single mask facial for the discerning customers with the Essential oils and balm and accompanying signature massage steps will drain, stimulate and revive tired and skin, leaving it free from stress and blemishes. (Up to this stage of the 60min treatment cause up to $90.)

Here comes my favorite part.


Can you even spot me? Lol I was mummified with the tastiest, most delicious smelling ever mask available!

(6) Aromaplasty. Aromaplasty is a 100% natural, multi-vitamin mask made from linseed powder, wheat germ and sunflower.  It was the legendary DECLEOR signature treatment that I was talking about. It adapted to each skin type targeting and meeting its specific needs, enabling your skin to be hydrated, revitalized and rebalanced! Leaving a obvious visible luminous appearance immediately after treatment!

(The usual price for such a treatment which lasts 75mins is $150.)

Oh and to top up her service, while being blanketed by that thick, fluffy, nutritious, delicious oat like smelling mask, she spoils me with yet another long session of massage! On both my arms and my back! For a poor back like mine, it made all the difference in the world.

The (7) finishing touch was done using their renown Eye Treatment & BB Cream from the Radiance range. Making sure I am totally packed with radiance that Monday!

If you are interested, here's Beautyland Salon address.
BeautyLand Salon Online 68
Jurong Kechil,
68 Jalan Jurong Kechil, #04/05, Suites @Bukit Timah,
Singapore 596180
Contact Number: +65 8693 9898
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     The DECLEOR Aromatic Rituals invite you to regain this energy with natural active ingredients bursting with vitality.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.14.25 am

  Hands at the heart of the ritual

  DECLEOR devotes its own special art of massage to your face. From your hairline to neckline, your therapist’s trained fingers soothe and relax, filling your skin with a new breath of life. A skilled professional uses techniques exclusive to DECLEOR, combining localized, gentle pressure with light sweeping strokes.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.14.08 am

Thank you DECLEOR and BEAUTYLAND SALON, MICHELLE for the most amazing experiences. A Facial I couldnt have dream of, my Tastiest Facial.