Monday’s Blue

Today isnt exactly my best of days.

A totally free Monday but not in the best of mood. Had yet another argument in my relationship.
The worst part of every argument in relationships for me is, of all the better things we could have been doing if had we not been arguing. Like today, finally a free day in my hectic schedule. But I guess finally I can have some time to myself, to recharge myself. Been exhausted.

Dating a Foreigner has its peaks. Things are more interesting, there are things which are just hilarious to me, times like when he thinks that Orchard road chirping are played by some hidden speakers. Cause they are so loud but he has never seen any birds. Haha. I laughed my head off even till now.
There are things that I have learned too. Though I cant seems to remember any at the moment. XD

But the downside….ย  due to the cultural and behavior differences between the countries, there are endless misunderstandings every other day. Zzz

Well to everyone who are in need of some cheering in their life this Monday, here are some quotes from my collections!




When you realized that the World is huge is when you realized how tiny your issues are! Is can all be begone.


What are life without troubles, without sorrows. ๐Ÿ™‚ Instead, lets colour it!

and Lastly, since you already in Pain, dont give up and might as well get a reward from it.
Let’s us all Jiayou in Life!