My 8th SQ Interview

Once again, I made my way down to the interview halls with my files and suit, in my best makeup.
Morning isn’t exactly my best timing. But it will have to do.

Having a relatively late night the day before, I was on the opp reaction of being exhausted, being “high”.Surprisingly, I got through.

Out of the 8 times of going for the interview, other than the 1st time which I was accepted by SQ, this is the 1st time I got through Round 1.
Sometimes I really think it is by luck on how they pick their girls, or perhaps… I am more likeable being high, that I have been friendly.

But… my lady luck run out on me on my final round. I was placed to be interview by this familar Sir… who failed me as he had the previous timess.
I think our 8 character must have been one of a serious clash. Been through this so many times, I truly enjoyed myself meeting so many alike individuals but have no good advice to give the other hopeful crews. I guess, just smile a lot and be really really really patient. It is not everyday we are all lucky! and perhaps praying?

Well. I am not sure how many times more will I be entering this! but if I do, see the rest of you there! πŸ™‚

Modeling Photo from SG50 event representing SIA.