Officially thoroughly Infected; A Workaholic

Busy is my last name.
I am officially thoroughly infected.

A Workaholic.

I don’t know since this happened. This feeling of uneasiness whenever I am not working. The feeling of uneasiness whenever I am being free. If I am not doing something, it is so hard for me to be relaxing.
Last few weeks, I have been rushing for my Company’s 40th anniversary gala dinner. Working 7 Days a week. With no proper meals, no proper sleep. Coffee made up a lot of both the meals and the sleep!Yet surprisingly, despite all the rush and exhaustiveness, I could managed to work and do events after events after and in between my projects. Rushing from Woodlands, to Seletar (Office), to Town (Modeling Jobs), to Changi (Boss’s place), sometimes not even going home for days! But yet still working!? I puzzled myself. I wonder why am I working this hard sometimes. Not for money, not for my dreams.

I am doing jobs, packing myself up, just out of mostly habits of feeling the need to fill up my calender or its feels weird. :/

Perhaps that’s one of the side effect of being a freelance.
This constant need to earn whatever you can while you can kind of feeling. Coupled with the side effect of being a model, the feeling of no where is worth going except when it is being paid. :/
I honestly have no idea what to do when I am free, except for doing more of my endless Personal Work.

Is this a problem of the new Era. Will there be a diagnosis such as this in the future? A uneasiness of unplanned time?


Some photos of the Gala Dinner where most of my sleepless nights and stress have been coming from!


In this project, I did my 1st Magazine, did my 1st big Project, headed the entire Design.
Proudly presenting to you my boss and manager Mr Lim and Serene who I have learned so much from!

and for letting me whine about everything under the sun while at work, keeping me sane.
though.. adding on the workload… haha


View my PDF version of the Magazine here!