My route to getting better

Work have been great! Busy but truly enjoying myself. It has been so long since I have put my artistic side to any use. XD Yes I have still been drawing occasionally, but that doesn’t earn me any dough at all! These works that my office have been putting me through made me felt… finally all my years in arts have some use, to feed me! 😀 It actually felt really good to be paid doing something you love again. It used to feel the same for modelling, but these days… I guess i have been doing it for a little too much. Hahah six years! Omg.

I have been running the 40th anniversary Gala dinner too. Anyone in the aviation industry interested to get some space in my Magazine or attend the event?! Most of the aviation industry peeps will be there! 😀

I have been juggling my modelling jobs together with it too. Was working for Singtel last weekend when the telecom went down! You don’t know…. How many complains/demands I got from just wearing the Singtel shirt. XD #justmyluck. haha

Other than all these, I have been training again too. 🙂 Ran 9km last week, went to my 1st gym session yesterday and I will be joining the skating competition this coming Saturday! Since after my surgery I have not done any sports! 😀 So it has all been good. Slowly picking them up again. 🙂

A sneak peek of my competition training!

I am still pretty much a beginner in this category! So as for this Saturday’s competition, you can guess!
It will be Singapore’s Rookie freestyle skating Competition! Do drop by!
It will be held at Ngee Ann Poly Kismis Basketball Court. Address: 535 Clementi Road, Singapore 599489.

Here is more of the event’s detail!

I have also been trying out this supplement recently, Th17. That’s what it says on the website, “In 2007, two US Scientists Dr. Chen Dong and Dr. Carl June discovered a new white blood cell known as Th17 that is effective in curing cancer. Th17 cells summon an immune system strike against cancer.”

Well, yes that’s such a big statement to make! and of course, always be careful with what you consume! Then again… I have been so weak to the point that I have been visiting doctor every other week, I don’t recover from the medicine. I know long term wise, it would be really bad for my body. So with all the reviews, I went ahead to try! So far, I have been sleeping better, and getting sick a lot lesser already! Not so sure yet if it is because of this Th17 that I have been getting better as I have only been trying it out for around 2 weeks, but I am definitely feeling better! 🙂

Will let you all know about it more after I have taken it longer! Here’s the Facebook and Google (th17 singapore) link about it if you want to know more about it.


Wish me luck for my Competition! Joining Classic Slalom!