Pre 1st day of work

Waves of anxiousness and worries have been showering me ever since yesterday.

I am gonna start my first day of a 9 to 6 job tomorrow.

Yes… A 9 to 6 office job.

For those of you who dont know me as well, well it has been ages since I have been thinking of whether or not I should pursue an office job.
When I mean agesSssss, I mean agessSssss literally, like 3 years…
Well, why suddenly since I have been way reluctant about the idea?
Mmm because, one things I hate more than being tied down and confined, is the inability to improve myself.

I have been feeling like I haven been going anywhere recently. Just spinning and spinning. It was fun at the start until I got myself dizzy.
Guess where I landed myself to?? Haha you will have never guessed.

Starting from tomorrow, I will be helping out in the Institute of Aerospace Engineers!
Haha even I myself would never have foreseen that!

It wasn’t of a total randomness that I will be commencing work at SIAE.
Of all industry, airlines and aerospace is one of the wealthiest and growing industry around. For travel bug bitten folks like me, that isn’t a more suitable industry to be in.
Plus, the “You are who you hang out with” saying, is So every bit true, and the success of almost Every business is in its contact.
So it would only do me good to be acquaint with these, wise men who have accumulated wisdom from their travels of far and wide. Mr Lim who have took me in, is every bit as such.

Still… Despite us hitting off and having a really interesting conversation on our 1st meeting, it is still gonna be stressful tomorrow, on my very 1st day of an office job! I have been pulling my hair off already just thinking of the datelines I have to hit. Well it beat having to deal with ridiculous superiors as of in Shanghai Dolly. It really amazed me in Shanghai dolly the other day, of how having power would make one more human/superior than the other, but than again someone wise would have put their “power” to a much better use than to use it on pettifogging.
(for ranting about this, I apologize! needed to let off some steam!)

I couldn’t be more thankful for having gracious superiors now!

For now…
Smart causal for tomorrow,
Stationary maybe?

and 7am tomorrow morning!!! (I am determined)

For my next three months, I will be putting myself totally off my comfort ground! Would be needing much cheer of Jiayou. :O

Haha I am not gonna be like this. I am not gonna deter from my dreams.
I am still gonna fight hard to keep them, still gonna skate hard and play hard for my goals.