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What else can we all ask for?!!

Yes of course I had to pay the salon a visit again! all the Awesome deals and DISCOUNT% for the two other friends I brought along too this time round!! All a 20% OFF EACH!
No more awesome can it gets! Except for my gorgeous hair color after.

Though the salon did a pretty awesome job each time with pretty long lasting colours, but bright colors.. they still fade. I went back to the salon looking… Like Cinderella after the clock struck twelve.
Pretty much all the magic dust gone and I am.. back to plain Jane.

IMG_4643 IMG_3495 IMG_4648 IMG_4459
All the past Awesome colors!

Luckily fairy God-mother is always just a booking away these days, or in this new-age era, fairy god-father Danson.


Done Gold, Red, Pink, Purple and Turquoise so far. So Honestly, this time round I am a little lost on what to do. Then it was CNY and Vday… Red ws over-rated. Thus, Fairy god-father decided on a Blue this time round for me!

Super that will when fade, turn out a light blue! Sound Super!


The whole treatment took exactly 1 hour. Yesss one hour only!
Some of the salons I go to take 4 hours just for me to do the same thing! I am not exaggerating even.


IMG_5444 IMG_5449 IMG_5442 IMG_5440
My end satisfied result!!

and yes the deal I have mentioned just now is on!

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