Thoughts as a Singaporean

This Monday night feels different. It is like the whole town is keeping its silence. The isnt many cars around but just lots and lots of taxis. Seems like everyone’s home to watch the news on PM Lee’s legacy. The blue and red siren zoom pass. Cars all tinted in black drove pass. The world leaders are gathering, all paying their last respect. Yes it is the day of our Singapore’s first Prime Minister’s passing.

Early this morning, mum woke me up from my slumber with the news of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s passing. All teary eyed she headed to work, I believe as for many Singaporeans alike. This day is the end of the beginning chapters of Singapore, one of a Miraculous growth and almost impossible transformation made reality by late Mr Lee; Singapore. Though I cannot feel as much in connection to our Late first PM Lee Kuan Yew as my mother has been feeling, I am still surrounded with many, deep thoughts and gratitude this day. Mr Lee Kuan Yew almost singled-handily brought up this nation.

Reading all the articles and news today, I am once again reminded on how lucky I am, that with all the complaints and my ideas on Singapore, how lacking in foresight am I! While talking about Singapore being a horrible place to live in costly, stressful and inefficient, I am certainly complaining ridiculously just like the rest of my peers whom I criticized and thought that I was unalike. That the wise would never have yelp like a fool. Yes costly, stressful and all, it is still a beautiful place to be able to call home. Instead of yelping, complaining, we should learn to contribute to the force of the change with some actions. It is no less the ministers’ responsibility as it is our own.

Singapore one without its own resource, history, taste and culture is so unique now that me explaining to my foreigner friends each time is still taking them hours to even grasp the surface understanding of Singapore as honestly there is no place in the World like it is here. Yes there are multicultural nations like ours, as intertwined, equal, but bluntly honest about each other yet accepting it, non like it is over here; like Singapore.

Singapore is always gonna be home. ❤ We should all love our Singapore and continue our Singapore’s legacy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.01.47 amAs quoted from our president Tony Tan Keng Yam,”The greatest tribute that Singaporeans can pay him is to treasure and build upon the legacy that Mr Lee and his team have left us, and make Singapore an even better home for our future generations”.


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