The wandering weekend about the midst of KL

It was just a day of wandering about in the midst of KL. Coffee and food, with a little bit of shopping. Too much thoughts floating here and there about to keep me grounded or much focus.

Malaysia, just neighbor of Singapore share many similarities but yet really unlike our little island. After all, we were once the same nation.. Malaysia share a similar climate, religion and cultural as Singapore, however being many times bigger than our little island it enjoys a landscape decorated with high peaks and land covered with the tropical lush.

Being Singaporean, it is highly unlikely to have not visited Malaysia our many times bigger brother country. However, despite the countless times I have been in Malaysia, this trip is my very first with the Malaysia’s rail lines; their monorail line. Well, I would say one of many unanticipated twists and turns.

The view of Malaysia to me is one of magnificence! Something Singapore can never boast of having, space and land! Looking out, despite it being so similar to our island, the rows and rows of bungalows with mountains as the backdrop already made it all so different.

Still, never did I expect the ride.

Look. You probably cant tell from the photo, but I was taking the image upright. The Monorail was wayyyyy tilted. The entire journey is like one at a theme park, in some ways even more thrilling than the roller coasters. This is only a MONOrail (only on one wheel). I was more surprise with how everything is yet still operating as if it its normal. :/ mmm perhaps so..

On the bus… There were some interesting differences too. I am not so sure if it was the bus that we were in but everyone was trying really hard to not grab a seat. They were all rushing in alright, but no one wants to head to the back of the bus. It is indeed puzzling when there are so many empty seats at the back. If it is Singapore, everyone would have rushed and fight for the seats. Oh and the way the passengers get on to the bus, the bus dont even have to stop. The door just open and close while it is still rolling and the passengers just hopped in and out like that. Yet the journey is much smoother than Singapore’s! Our passengers never move to let anyone into the bus even when the bus is at a complete stop. The world is weird indeed.


I have even managed to spot some familiar faces in the street of KL too! :’D haha the world is too small too. ;’D

Had a quick shop and managed to grab some buys! Been so long since I shopped! Not even for Chinese New Year! Got a body contour dress of a really good quality at only $40 in Times Square!

However the only really delight of mine in KL is always the food. Though so similar to what we have back home, the taste is just much more awesome! and cheaper! :S
Always a must to visit, the famous street of Bukit Bintan! Despite it being a too much of a tourist attraction already. πŸ˜€


I guess I must have said this often. It is hard to imagine what my life would be like without skating. Yes and so we met up with our fellow skaters from Malaysia. It is hard to imagine going to any country without my skates and with no skating!

Before even the 1st light of dawn is up, we headed towards the roads around Kuala Lumpur National textile museum, grabbed some BakGuTeh before heading to skate. ;’D

Looking much unlike the rest of its layback, scattered environment, the national textile musem is quite a piece of historical art of its own. I really wonder why our buildings these days are nothing close to these spectacles. All these designs and art with the basic technology in those days! Really Impressive!

So of course, I grabbed a few quick selfies with the museum before we started skating! πŸ˜€

Though it wasn’t a long route but with us, there are lots and lots of skateboarders, cyclists, runners and even scooter-rists about! I was surprise Malaysia have a event like this and I heard this happen every monthly!

There are cyclists races in conjunction with streets performances from the athletes and cheerleaders!
Well, I wasn’t yet suppose to exercise nor even run.. But you know… skating is different for me… I still dont see why I can walk but not allowed to skate since I really dont see any differences… I dont really fall on skate as of walking… :X

Wellll…. but I did lost to the temptation of sliding… That I perhaps shouldnt have… But 겁넀 μ˜€λžœλ§Œμ΄μ—μš”. Had an Awesome time Trying to slide though. Did not regret. Haha.

The pretty much summed up summary of my weekend here. FOOD!!! and of course… Skating! πŸ™‚
Pretty much enjoyed myself. Though it almost seems like I didn’t leave the country, haha but for someone this infected with the traveling bug as me, it is better this than not leaving the country at all. and OMG the season bug in me has been bugging me too. Cause Spring is here!!! I really really really really want to see some cherry blossom!!! :’/