My escape to KL

As usual with my self-inflicted stresses, I am having a hard time remaining sane. 

With non of life going towards the right direction in relationship, career, nor at home, i barely could think straight. At the invitation of my skatemates, I hopped in, joining in the Ngee Ann poly skaters the next Coach ride to Kuala Lumpur. 

As usual skating is my safe haven. No matter how chaotic life is, at least that is a family here which will always look out for me and which I will always be accepted in. Be totally myself and not needed to try so nice to please everyone. I think I would have probably have lost it if not for these kinships. Not that I m not grateful for the rest of people around me. But over here skating, I am myself. 🙂

Today started off crazily early at 5am. The coach was set to depart at 7.30am. Parking my van at a friend’s place in Orchard at 6.50am, seeing that there are some time, we chosed to…. use our manual wheels to get to Golden Mile. Our skates! Yes at 6 plus Am in the Morning!!!!

All these work before 8am! Lol by the time we were on the coach…. Shag….

The journey took longer than expected, arriving in KL at around 3pm, we only arrived at our destination at nearly 5!!!! I was starving.. No food since 5am!!! Till 5pm! 

But of course, things peaked up by evening. Skating 🙂 did as much as I could without a right-hand, without risking falling (as best as I could). 😀

Feeling much better now. 🙂 though with slight throat infection and flu! XD

Tonight…. The room. Is OMG though. Zzz 3 to share a queen size…. and I am the only female in the whole group of 10…. Got to see if I could get a room of my own!