At the Police Station

My probably 5th time at the police station.

I swear it is the most unenjoyable process. Every single time something happened big enough for me to think I need to report it, nothing much comes out of it. 

Really. I regretted it tremendously every single time without fail.

The amount of Time, endless Grilling of your words, EndleSS Repeatition omg, and lastly informing you that the case is gonna be hard with the lack of evidence. I mean if I have all the evidence, then the police’s job is just to arrest after? 

I know how hard is it to do anything without evidence. But how many of us actually have any (strong) evidence? Since we aren’t prepared, never knowing when a crime is gonna happen. 

 Argh I swear it almost made me feel as if I am the one who had committed the crime instead with all these grilling. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I am not that strong mentally really.


I have been sadly going to the police stations a lot in the past few years. From stolen bags, online scams of purchases, to sexual harassment online and the fight at circular road. All of which I was the victim. The policeman asked me, “Why ah, why are you having so many cases?”, “Why did you let it happen?“, and other things like why did I not step away and prevent things from happening. Really. 

Like the recent sexual harassment, it felt like I deserved it, from not stepping away from a hug.

The statement taken was written as such,” I did not step away from it as it was a mere hug, something which happened often while I was working or at the clubs having fun.” like seriously? That’s not what I have said. 

He asked why didn’t I push the guy off when he tried to hug me? I answered saying that because it was just a hug which happen a lot. It is a really normal thing giving/receiving a hug in singapore. Like if at work or at a club, when people try to hug me and I shove them away, wouldn’t a fight have happened? 

While on, the article wrote that The police have been urging victims of molestation not to stay silent, and advise them to take note of the attacker’s appearance, height, clothes and any distinctive physical features, and to call 999 for help. 
See more at:

However, when reporting, statements as such was being written. 

Under those stringent eyes, being judged, being criticized of my lack of judgement. I do think that perhaps it is indeed my fault. I wasn’t careful. Probably I shouldn’t have reported it and go through all this embarrassment. I should have known and just accept lack of judgement and bad fate. I should have kept silent. 

Imagine how a rape case would have felt like. What would the victim have to go through from her parents, her peers and the public. Me just wanting to cry the whole of the day after the visit to the police station when mine isn’t even anything near to it. 

Really, if the police is to want more victims to step out, they should accept the victims and be more professional at it and less being judgemental. :/

Really not enjoying this whole experiences.