How I keep my white smile!

I have been trying to be very diligent in my work and on taking care of myself!

I have went to visit the Dental today!

Have always been proud of my beautiful teeth and cant say that it has been all my work. I have been really lucky that they have always been really well taken care of.
Many people questioned me about them and asked me what have I done or what is my routine to keep my teeth so white!


πŸ˜€ Honestly my teeth haven been born the whitest. It was a little off white, not that yellow but definitely then I couldn’t have called it white.
I was lucky to have my first mini whitening kit sponsored on Miss Singapore Universe when I was one of their finalist in 2010.Β  I wore the whitening kit to sleep for around 2 weeks.

The whitening kit comes with a tailored mouth piece molded to the shape of your teeth, every single one of them, which the clinic would have to send to be custom-ed with the clay mold of your bite.

Applying the gel on to the surface of the custom-ed mouth piece, the mouth piece would then be wore every night/every other night for the whitening to be done! More can be found at

So since 2010, my teeth has been very much whitened, despite it been only a trial kit! The result has been really obvious and amazing, though in 2011 I did managed to have another whitening session from another pageant, Miss Singapore World this time round. However, since 2010, my very first try with the whitening there has never been really any need for me to retouch for more whitening. It has been 5 years since then and still as white. πŸ™‚ and nope this is NOT a review. I am not paid to share this. It has already been so many years!

So today, it was just a regularly check up by my Doctor at White Dental Clinic.
It was such a blessing that I have had my check up today, because the Dr actually found a DECAY tooth!!! :OOO All the way at the back of my wisdom tooth!!! :O
Though I have been brushing my teeth properly and well… ….probably not regularly enough? :Xxx

My Decayed tooth’s Selfie

The Decay was at the very end of last tooth. It was quite amazing how Dr Tan could have possibly even spotted it.
With their device, he actually gave me a real-time tour of my teeth and snap a photo with it too!I haven been exactly glamorous these days haven I? First posting photos of my naked face during a Facial and next showing my Decayed tooth!

IMG_5961 The tooth was all fix nice and flawless in no time. :O I always thought that fillers are Grey!! but hey mine look so flawless! Like there have never been a decay!
It was pretty fascinating.

But Dr Tan has always been on Tv and News for his expertise, I was really lucky to always be able to count my beautiful smile on him. πŸ™‚
Check out his credentials at if you are looking for a reliable doctor!

and though I am White Dental Group’s cover girl, trust me, I am blogging about this, because I honestly find their services awesome. No this is not a review nor editorial at all! I did pay for my check up today.
Check out White Dental Group’s website at


Text me, drop me a Email or a comment if you have got any questions regarding the whitening procedures! I will be more than delighted to help!

Pricing and Appointment can be booked at (65) 6733 0268! Location at 271 Bukit Timah Road, #B1-03 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708


A beautiful smile is one of the Best Makeup a woman can wear! Cheer to bright healthy smile! Dont neglect your teeth!



On a side not… I need some feedback from you guys!

Sometimes I wonder if is it for me to write. Is it my kind of thing. I always thought that managing a blog is like updating a dairy but I could not have been more wrong! No one is quite interesting in what exactly am I ranting in my thoughts, nor is it interesting to read about what I have been doing my past days…. Despite how interesting it could have been. I guess I really have to put in more thoughts in how I should blog properly! Since lifestyle blogging isn’t exactly that interesting anymore… (Imaging working as a full time Selfie-cian) :/

Any interesting Blog post would you like to see? Or is there any questions that you would like to ask that I could answer! πŸ™‚ Please do drop me some feedback on what should I blog about! πŸ™‚

Would be so grateful!!

Ziyi K