It is March again.

Almost 1/4 of the year is already up! Is this going to continue going faster and faster as we grow old? Than by 80 each year would probably feel like just Days passing by! I am still stuck to my perpetual bad habits. Now in March, I am once again going through my seemingly unchanging To Do List and Plans/Goals. Cause… Till now I am still… thinking about changing.. thinking about my plans. Thinking. -.- Thinking is perhaps not such a Wise thing, more of a unnecessary and dumb move. I found out that perhaps, only thinking while doing is a wiser move.

Still perhaps.. NOW I can start, working on which ever plans… :/

It has been nearly 3 months since I have did my surgery. I have yet to start any physio as the Hospital had forgotten to schedule me any. They had only just realized it on my last check up. So Physio is only due to start in Mid April. :/ For now I am on my own… However, on the brighter side of things is that my shoulder have been recovering great! Even without Physio! The doctor commented that most people could not stretch their arm to the top of their heads by 2 months by I could! So I guess that is a quite great thing! πŸ™‚

I have also been thinking of ways to further aid my recovery since I am pretty much on my own till physio start, and that I should probably start training up now so that I could be on a better form to work on my deteriorating performance and correct my bases from scratch. Gonna have to start from ground Zero again to be able to get better…

Starting this week, (it is nearing the end of Chinese New Year I am gonna have more free time!) I am gonna start this project research on the Training plans for athletes and the best methods for post Surgeries recovery. Been reading up and watching some interviews of Christopher Sommer. So much that I need to learn and improve on! Will post up the findings of my research. Feels like school days again. πŸ™‚