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There have been a bookshelves full of outdated posts. With all the craze of Chinese New Year going around, time have been stretched to its limit. No time even for dating!
Of course, Chinese New Years is packed with all the visiting, traditions and gambling. Before Chinese New Year, it has been even more sardine-packed. The thoroughly cleaning of the entire house, from clearing away old clothes to scrubbing the tables and walls! Also the preparation, the grooming, to show your best side, for visiting on New Year.

Today, I am going share what I did for my preparation and grooming this Chinese New Year. 🙂

I paid a few visit to a few of my favorite salons. Is Beauty, 99Percent Hair Studio, as well as Trinity Medical Centre. Did my IPL, my hair, my skin and face. 🙂 The blue dye, for my hair, 99percent Hair Studio have recommended me, I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in with all the Red for CNY! But I was so wrong. It couldn’t have been more brilliantly matched and unique. Will post more photos up.
Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.31.47 pm
Also, actually other than all my regular places, I was invited to this Beauty salon, BEAUTYLAND SALON at Bukit Timah too.
BLStrategically located at Bukit Timah, BeautyLand can be easily accessed by bus. Buses that goes along Jalan Jurong Kechil road includes 61, 66, 77, 157, 173, 174, 970 and 985.

Honestly, it is quite an one of a kind facial. It is quite different from most of the other facials I have had.

This is the Review from the other bloggers too. Blogger Kelynn at and blogger Irene at It might have been what’s helping my Cny’s selfies turning out all great. 😛 Other than of course the app Meipai aiding too. :X ^.^
Most facial started out with a basic cleansing, removing your makeup and cleaning the face, followed quickly with extracting the other dirt from your face via machinery scrubbing and black heads remover.
However, at BEAUTYLAND SALON they believed in protecting the skin delicately and that no amount of nutrients can be absorbed by the skin if it isn’t cleansed thoroughly. Therefore instead of just a basic cleansing which most salon does before start Beautyland Salon actually spent most of the 1 and a half hour facial, giving your face a comprehensive cleaning.

IMG_4984Miss Michelle the friendly owner who was the therapist herself did the entire facial for me.

Here’s some of her achievements:
Certified Beauty Specialist by BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)
Dr Pierre’s Aesthetician & Entrepreneurship Diploma and etc.
In addition, Michelle is also certified by CIDESCO.
One of the most prestigious certificate a beauty therapist/consultant can achieve.

Find out more on the organization’s website here:
IMG_5001Warning! Below content all makeup free, horrifying nakedness, enough to ruin all your image of Ziyi K.
Scroll farther at your own risk!
Step 1: Michelle started off with a deep cleanser to remove my eye make-up and cleanse my face.
Personally, I do have this weird thinking, thinking that cleaning it too thoroughly might not be too good for our skin! All the chemicals in our soap these days! Though what Michelle said really made sense! That nothing can be absorb my our skin if it is covered with even the slightest amount of dirt! I still don’t quite like the idea of cleaning my face too thoroughly as often it was scrubbed off of all its nature oil and felt so dry! All the winkles might appear! Well with all Michelle certifications and qualifications, I decide to give her my 100% trust, and I am glad I did. After all these cleaning, it felt really clean but not scrubbed dry at all!
Step 2: A soft, spherical bead scrub was used which was actually Ginseng cream beads! One that will slowly dissolved as you scrub! Totally gentle isn’t it? I was quite amaze with that personally.
Step 3:  After, my face was then cold steamed with a herbal fluid and a light, eraser scrub applied. More Herbal, Naturally stuff! This was supposed to further clear my skin’s surface of impurities, debris and dead cells. Well check out my before and after and judge for yourself! The cold steam was my other favorite and one other thing which I thought differentiate Beautyland Salon from its competitors. Most Facial Salons uses hot steam to open up the pores. However, from Michelle, owner Beautyland Salon’s experiences, opened pores are often hard to be minimize again after opening it and this, though does helps in getting rid of the impurities occasionally, however cause more bad than good when pores are left open. The dirt gets in again, and this time deeper!
The cold steam instead, helps to calm the face, helps me in my breathing(! I have got bad asthma) and the herbs applied at the same time helped to firm up the skin collagen tissues.
Step 4: Then Beautyland Salon famous Comedone Remover was applied. It amazingly removed the blackheads stuck stubbornly in my porn by just dissolving it! Just by applying it on and leaving it on for a few minutes. It is totally PAINLESS. :O I just wonder why all the salons dont already use this? When it is so amazing and painless. Step 5: Still on cleansing, an Exfoliater was applied to remove the balance of the dead cells if any is left. Using Dr Pierre products which are all organic, Step 6: my skin was then prepped with a suitable toner for the Active Phase. Step 7: Active serums were chosen for my skin type, and a Multiplex tailor-make massage cream was made and applied based on my skin condition that day with a thru’ 20 mins massage with accupoints! That’s Step 8! It was all really tailored made and custom-made. Only now, after all the cleansing and prepping of the skin, making sure it is in its best form for absorption than was Step 9: a suitable mask applied and left on for 20 mins! The facial ended with Step 10: removing of my mask, and application of Dr Pierre’s toner and fantastic day cream which has 4-in-1 action to help restore our eternal beauty. 🙂
Before                                                                                    After


Not bad right? My really meticulous preparation for the New Year!

Beautyland Salon are using Dr Pierre products which are all organic and with her painless facial treatment is ideal for all skin types – especially for those who have skins problems. Dr Pierre Cosmeceuticals has been in the market for over 30 years, also currently exported to other markets in the world – especially in the US where its packed but sold under a different brand name.

IMG_4998 IMG_4996

Of course we wouldn’t be sharing about Beautyland Salon without a PROMOTION for you readers to try it for yourselves! 🙂

Get Free Phoresis eye mask (worth S$97) when you have a Cold Steam Facial treatment with them!

February – March 2015 Promotion!
1. Free Phoresis eye mask (worth S$99) when you have our unique Cold Steam Facial treatment. A 60 minutes treatment is priced @ $129. 90 minutes @ S$199 and 120 minutes @ S$399.
2. Bring a friend for facial. You’ll enjoy the Free Phoresis eye mask (worth S$99) if you choose either a 60, 90 or 120 minutes Cold Steam Facial treatment and your friend will enjoy the same treatment at 50% o the listed price. The Free Phoresis eye mask (worth S$99) is only for the customer that pays the full listed price for the Cold Steam Facial treatment.
3. 10% discount for all facial products (treatments not included)
Validity period : Months of February to end of March 2015. T&C applied.

Also you can check out their other customers review and their history at their Facebook page at

There’s also a video on BeautyLand Salon facebook page to show you how Michelle does the facial. See it for yourself! 🙂
Where can you find her?
Contact or whatsapp Michelle to book an appointment at 8693 9898, before she’s fully booked.
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68 Jalan Jurong Kechil, #04/05, Suites @Bukit Timah,
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