The Airline interview


That prestigious job which offer a relatively good pay and the ability for you to see the world.
A job most travelers could not resist.

Me too. Flying, it was a job I have always wanted to get into. However, on 2011 when I was offered a position to work for Singapore Airlines, I declined it.
(My ex-Boyfriend then threaten me with break up if I were to chose to get in. I decided then that even if I chose my dream job I would not be happy being heart broken, thus giving it up.)

It was one decision that I think I would have been better off if I had accepted it. (He broke up with me 2 months after and got together with the Mrs. who convinced me to give up.)
Today, after that 1st try of Singapore Airlines, I have tried it 5 other more times! Each time not making through even pass the 1st round. :’/


It is odd how Singapore Airlines select their candidate.

SIA known for it much grudgingly hard intakes of crews. However turned from one of the most prestigious airline, to one filled with bad reputation these recent days.
It is really odd how Thousands of hopeful candidates turn up each month, and were stringently chosen for recruitment. They were then carefully groomed before they were put to their task. However, from flying every month the past two years, the worst experiences, are from as you all know the past famous stewardesses. (Not that I have anything against them, many of my friends are SIA crews!) It is puzzling. How each selections were made and always been so stringent but yet the crews (not referring to all!) standard in overall has dropped, in all looks, height and manners! :/ sadly only filled with attitudes! Those who are always ready with a smile and manners with them, thank you!

However despite all these, nothing would make me happier than to represent my own nation and create beautiful memories for our visitors visiting my home.


SQ stewardess THEN


Yet yet again I didn’t even make it through the 1st round. :/ Honestly, I do not think that i am judging this bias-ly. Mmm in terms of speaking, looks, heights and experience I think I do fit in the above the average? Not the best I am sure but at least the average I am sure?

However I did not reckon so well in my past 6 times of experiences, at the interview. But I have seen candidates who cannot speak well, to over-sized ones, haughty ones, to all kinds of “exceptions”, get through. Yes all the while I got out I know… Lol.
Sometimes in the group of 10, 8 would get through to the next round, while the other times only 2 out of the whole group of 10 would get through. The result is always surprising.

I have no idea what went wrong, nor a single idea how the selection were made still. The tips and ways to succeed in a cabin crew interviews help greatly for those not knowing on what to expect or prepare for, but not through selection. There are rumors that the interviewers also judge the candidates base on their behavior while waiting as well, that they should not be since using their phones! (waiting time is on a average of 2 hours) :O never know! It might be true! :O Though… I don’t think I did use my hand phone at all. I was too busy touching up my make up! :X XD


SQ stewardess NOW. (I think the lighting is bad here)


Well despite it being the 6th time perhaps.. trying with the Airlines, and after so much time had passed since my 1st attempt in 2011, I have not been more sure that this is something I would like to try in my lifetime. Since traveling is so much in me that my butt would itch if I do not travel once a month, that I love sitting in planes so much that it is the only few places that makes me feel so at peace and relax, it make more sense to be a cabin crew. I love the feeling of being nice to people anyway and am always proud to be a Singaporean. Though I cant imagine myself loving to cleaning the toilet, but I think I can do that relatively fine. Hahaha. After all I am still a athlete. Ever see a athlete afraid of dirt? I don’t think so.



Tomorrow, would be my final interview with the Japan Airline (JAL)!

Though Singapore Airlines would still be my number one choice as I would much rather represent my own country, I reckon I will probably learn more from JAL! πŸ™‚
If this fail, I will try out the other airlines as well! πŸ™‚


and to my current λ‚¨μžμΉœκ΅¬, thank you for being supportive. ❀

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