One of the Nights of Insomnia

Again, one of the nights which insomnia set in.
No, I am not exactly having huge burden of worry right now. Just perhaps a feeling of uneasiness, unsureness.

My insomnia started not too long ago. Somewhere last year, first because of late working lifestyle causing later sleeping hours, then subsequently because of a fight causing post trauma syndrome, followed by anxiety fully set it. Now even without anxiety, without stress and worry, occasionally little things, makes sleep almost impossible. Not that I am not tired. I am exhausted.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, insomnia is like watching time tickling by. As it ticks away, the weight of your head, the tiredness, as for me the difficulty for breathing, the breathlessness set it. The feeling of your body being so tired that it can only pump air so weakly. I hated this.

Sometimes, even after falling asleep, you still don’t actually get into a deep sleep. That is frustrating. Add the tiredness, sleepiness and inability to breath, and inability to do things in the day, it is quite a hassle I swear.


Yes I do feel better at times.
At times when I am sleeping out, out of the country, in the arms in the midst of a cuddle, I fall asleep drop dead immediately still like a Pin.

I don’t know what makes the difference, but definitely adding some itch inflicting insect in your bed occasionally doesn’t help! 😦

Like the bad skin, breathless and tiredness isn’t enough. Plus sore throat usually comes with that for me. 😦

Even my dog sleeps better than me… That’s him, sneaking up on my mess trying to sleep in my room without me noticing. (He ve got his own “room”)

How I wish to be in the arms of my lover.

On the side note, Good morning people!!