28 Jan 2015

As usual, life have been hectic.

Once my 30days Mc (Medical Leave) is up, it seems like I am once again caught in the net of this endless non-stop circle of schedules, events, work. Not that I should be complaining, as who would be as lucky as I am to be pack with jobs once I am available to work!

Of course other than that, there have been new updates in my life. Anxiety and insomnia seems to leave no trace behind. In relationship, all is well and solved too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Couldn’t be happier.
Money issues… Some 3 years debts have be collected and claimed. Though there are still quite a bit of money left unclaimed, at least a major sum have been cleared, including the amount Sunny have owned me 4 years.
I have been having jobs offers too. If things goes well, work should start straight after Chinese New Year! A “full-time”! I have too been accepted into the first interview round for Japan Airlines as well! :DDD Hopefully I can be fitted with my wings once again. Haha I really couldn’t wait to fly again. Traveling is already my last name!

Though through all these craze and changes these weeks, I have still been thinking of my direction and dreams in life.

I still want to achieve my dreams. To live by doing what I love! I don’t want to resign to fate and slog to enjoy 2 weeks to live in a year. Because really life is just but a hundred years. (If we are lucky) Maybe just even a 50 years!

I just want to breath with the world, enjoy it and spread knowledge and happiness along; to skate, travel, and meet people with life different from my world and learn to understand.
Yet along with these the complexity of living, of family ties, relationships, fate and destiny. I sometimes don’t even want to breach near this subject even. It is as complex as the universe. The point of thinking about it —> Zero
(Ok I am going out of Topic…)

Mmm so yea, thinking of pursing my dreams, I have been thinking about this blog too. Trying to keep pushing for it is just too hard. I have been reading this book by Grace Tan (one of a establish blogger in Singapore), Blogging for a living. I know there should be a Niche and all, as for all business to work, and that lifestyle blogging is probably the mostย cliche out of the bunch. But blogging everyday without fail isn’t a chore but it really does takes up time! and with the Seriously decreasing amount of people who reads these days, sometimes I wonder if does ANYone ever reads these! the hours I sent into it. Of course I really do enjoy it. but I do wonder if I should be putting my time into something more productive. Though I am as usual, confuse… regarding that term and definition of the Word as well..

ok now I am just ranting.

As for blogging, I want to share my thoughts with the world, but I guess I will take it as it goes! ๐Ÿ™‚