The Bridal Fashion Show

Last weekend have been fabulous!!

It was the first week for me starting work again, and so far, it has been off to a great start! ๐Ÿ™‚ The following weeks have been booked with jobs, and the 1st had been non other than the annual Bridal show in Vivo City! ๐Ÿ™‚

For us models, fashion shows have always been the ones with the most fun! You get to be all dolled up, be donned in the most fashionable designs and get to be the center of all the fun!
Oooh and with Bridal shows… Beautiful Wedding dresses!! Yes the ones all girls dream about to wear on their Big Day!

Whenever I get to walk in a Bridal show, I couldn’t be happier. Where most people only get to wear once in their lifetime, I get to have the privilege of wearing it so many more times. ๐Ÿ™‚ and always, it is beautiful, big, lacey… just couldn’t feel prettier. XD

The Rows of Dresses Backstage!

Other than all the girly fun, the catching up with all the girlfriends backstage make up the other half of the joy!


Catch up with Nicole Ng!

I think we had countless selfies and coffee the past two days!

Miss Singapore International 2010 and 2014! Kyla and Vanessa! A Pageant I have always wanted to join due to their constant contribution to charities. However, I did not managed to get in their selection round when I last tried it!


and all the Gorgeous photos from all the darling photographers who came down! <3! Thank you for coming down!! A lot of you have been with me since the starts of my journey and have been with me through my tough times, and have always been showering me with all your care and concerns! Despite my craziness and fluctuating weight, you all have still been supporting me and my shows/events. ^.^ Though we don’t chat like most friends do, but I couldn’t be more grateful to have friends like you all! Sorry that I wasn’t in my best of form (if not worst of form), for this show!! and not being able to give you all your best photos this time round! :X

I would still be on my sling for other 1-2weeks before I could start my physio sessions, then I will start my training again! ๐Ÿ™‚ and this time round, I will get a grip in my life and be better don’t worry! ๐Ÿ™‚ Promise I will lose those photos horror. :’D



Models Left to Right: Cheryl, Yingyi, Nicole Ng, Vanessa, Kyla, Ziyi K

ย Photos by Ishardi and Thomas Edison

Also to the wonderful make up artists backstage under Yvonne Creative, who have so nicely styled us and still have to put up with our nonsense! Though some of us did some touch up on our makeups, right under their eyes even, they did not get mad and take it personally and even joking laughed about it. โค Some MUA would have long ago bitten our head off for that! Thank you for making us beautiful like you all.



IMG_4501ย  IMG_4462 IMG_4503

The 1st show was fabulous but I was so worried during the 2nd one yesterday! Haha! Some of the behind the scene just 5 mins to the curtains opening.

Girls: Ziyi! There is lipstick on your teeth!
Ziyi: Omg! Reallly?! (Rushed to the mirror) Omg and something in between my teeth too!!
OMG IT ISNT COMING OUT!!! It is getting stuck!

eh Eh ehhh anyone got anything sharp?! I cant poke it out!!

Girls: eehhh Dont have…

Coordinator: Show is STARTING! Ziyi is your turn already!!!
Ziyi: OMG!!!! Ehhhh got hairpins, hairpins?!?! I cannot get that thing out!! eh eh eh can see a not ah? Wahhhh why like this now??!?!?

Girls: no no cannot see! Dont worry cannot see de, just dont smile so big!
Stylist: nah nah! Hairpins!!

Ziyi: Omg (grab tries to scrap it out. Desperately failed) Run, more of hopping to the exit to the stage.) Sure cant see right?? (Flash a smile)
Coordinator: Yupe cant see. Ok out, your turn!!

Lol out and Smile! Nope nothing happened. (In my mind, omg calm down calm down, smile)

Hahah and yes and my shoe broke too… Zzz Omg right? Haha thats why I was so nervous yesterday shouting out on Facebook!! XD Lol

Haha still…

A Happy start to 2015, and my Route to Recovery! ๐Ÿ™‚


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