6 Jan 2015 thoughts

Omg I can’t sleep.

Recently insomnia have been hitting on me hard.
I am super exhausted and sleepy, but… not sleeping!!!

Why are all the thoughts running through my head?! Not like that would make them lose any weight!!!

I remember how it was like in school days, how I treasured my sleep and would always, without fail, just drop straight into dream land. Oh no there wasn’t even dreams! I was so tired mostly that I did not have dreams for years! Only until recently did dreams started coming back.
Back then, I was probably as unproductive… the school works aren’t much use.. but at least time were not spent on “running” my thoughts…

I shall get on with studying I guess.. and on what better juicy blogpost to post up next.
Maybe same ideas on what to post? What should I blog about more?..

What about how it was like to have dated one of the 21 Gorgeous Asian Men Guaranteed To Make You Thirsty. #Lol #badthoughts #insomnia 

All I can say is that it isn’t as good as it look. Dating still goes down to; if he is the right person. Not about looks. #uglyinside