My 2014

The last Day of the Year, always never fail to fill me up with countless thoughts and emotions.

I felt that I have spent my 2014 mostly sick and not doing much, my 2014 had been an unique one. It is has been one of my down year but it has it’s own peaks.

In a whole my 2014 has been a crazy year of hits, illness and confusion. I was mostly unwell. But despite that, I had my fun; times for lots of travels when I least expected it. In this year of deciding not to travel , I’ve managed to spend 4 whole months out of Singapore. Hahahaha.

I was badly injured at the start of the year from the Attack by the Indian guy on circular road.
Spent January and February recovering with my shoulder dislocation issue as well which was cause by a bad fall in Dec 2013.
March to June was spent away; oversea, to Beijing, Australia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Korea. I managed to have my Lasek done and meet up with old friends and made new ones!
June I was back with only $40 to my name and had the whole month packed with weddings and endless work schedules. My asthma got really bad in July from working endlessly and my change in lifestyle.
In August came my 2nd attack, by a girl named Adeline who dislike me and took the chance to attack after I entered a pageant she sponsored. I passed out. Had hyperventilation attacks and went in and out of hospitals and clinics the whole of August.
September came. 1/4 of the year was already got. I stopped my previous job, got a new one, but was constantly depressed. However it was then when I got the Call from Korea informing me that I have won myself a free trip there from Korea’s tourism board. Things peak up from there. Spent my time mostly recovering, working and studying Korean, October came and I spent another 1 month in Korea like I did in May till Mid of November.
December my usual favourite time of the year started with the shoulder surgery to fix my dislocation and a whole month of celebrations while being on the sling. Well but at least my shoulder is now not constantly dropping off and will soon be alright!

Though in some ways, this year, I feel that I am still in the same place as I was a year ago, but this year peaks and lows had all been huge life experiences that I am glad I have had experienced! After all that’s what makes life.

The phrase Life is a Journey not a Destination, is what this means I guess. 🙂

My 2015 would be better!

I am sure. 🙂

Our 2015 would all be better!
May Karma teach Adeline and the Indian how to be a better person too. Still feeling injustice.